How To 1v1 In CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, more commonly known as CS:GO, CSGO or CS is one of the most popular first-person-shooters (FPS) video games across the world. It has solidified itself in the Esports history books and continues to help pave the way for the competitive gaming industry.

The game is great to play both competitively and casually. With a mix of online match lobbies and custom lobbies available, you will be able to find something for everyone. One of the best ways to practice and improve your CS talents is to 1v1 others, and this guide will take you through all the different alternatives there are and how to 1v1 in CSGO.

It’s important to note that you can create private 1v1 lobbies by using the console or by using workshop maps, both will be covered below.


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1v1 In CSGO Using Workshop Maps

The easiest and most popular way to host 1v1s in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is by using premade custom workshop maps. Members of the community work hard to design unique, interesting, and useful maps for other community members to download and use how they like.

There is an entire dedicated genre for 1v1 maps as competitive players often use them to help them warm up with their duo, for example. This makes things considerably easier as you can easily pick and choose which maps you want to use and try out without it being time-consuming.

What To Look For In Workshop Maps

The needs of the 1v1 maps will vary from player to player, with some just looking for fun alternatives options and others looking for high-level options that they can use to warm up and practice on before competitive matches. Thankfully, the official CS:GO Steam Workshop has plenty of variances, and maps are continually being updated and created. Here are some of the key things to look for when picking your 1v1 maps.

  • Symmetry – It’s essential that there is as close to perfect symmetry as possible on these 1v1 maps. Both players are required to have the same space for movement, hiding, and positioning. Additionally, in 1v1s, the guns are normally spawned on the ground beside the players at the start of each round; the distance these guns are placed must be equal to ensure neither player is gaining an advantage over the other.
  • Size – Size can be key, and there can be some variance, but you want to avoid large maps. The feel and purpose of the 1v1 is lost as soon as players have to hunt around a map to find their opponent. As long as it fits two players comfortably, with enough space but not enough to roam, then you are in a good position. Also, you can get tighter, smaller maps if you want to work on close to medium-range engagements.
  • Your Goals – This ties into the last point mentioned in the size section. It is all about finding what works for you and what you are trying to achieve from the maps. You are not limited to using just one, so it is recommended to try out a wide range of options and then save your favourites and keep them downloaded to allow for easy access.

Community Favourite 1v1 Workshop Maps

If you are overwhelmed by the range of options that are provided, let us provide you with a couple of different 1v1 workshop map options to download and try out.

One-vs-One Map by Traiker

One-vs-One Map by Traiker

This map has a simple colour scheme and design, which is all that is needed for many players. It’s a well laid out, simple and well-spaced map with symmetry throughout. It works as a good introduction to 1v1 maps in CS:GO and will fit the needs of most.

Aim Ak Day Map by Celege

Aim Ak Day Map by Celege

This 1v1 map offers a more traditional feel to what players experience in most CS:GO matches, from the colour scheme to obstacles and walls on the map. If you want to focus purely on improving your aim, precision, and 1v1 ability with the AK47 in CSGO, then this is the ideal option for you.

One-vs-One Metro by Noodle

One-vs-One Metro by Noodle

If you are after a more modern, clean 1v1 map with plenty of detail that is easy on the eye, then the Metro map created by Noodle is a good option. It’s based in an underground station, which gives unique viewpoints and gunfight potential in a relatively well-sized and spaced map.

1v1 In CSGO Using Commands

If you prefer to host your own individual lobby and do not want to use workshop maps, you can create a lobby for you and a friend by using the console commands on the game. As with any game, there are always specific rules when it comes to 1v1s. However, they can vary from player to player, so it is important to double-check with your friend/opponent to ensure both players are on the same page for the duel.

Which Commands To Use

Below you will find a list of commands that can be used to set up an ideal one-versus-one match:

  • Bot_kick
    • Typically when you initially join the server, there will be bots, so using this command removes them all so you can 1v1 effectively.
  • Mp_warmup_start
  • Mp_warmup_pause timer 1
    • The combination of the two above commands creates a warm-up round until your friend/opponent joins the lobby.
  • Sv_talk_enemy_living 1
  • Sv_talk_enemy_dead 1
  • Sv_deadtalk 1
    • By entering the following commands into the console, it creates the opportunity to use the voice chat in the lobby, which can be useful to communicate about how the 1v1 is going and maybe even drop a bit of trash talk if you’re winning comfortably.
  • Sv_cheats 0
    • This one should be rather self-explanatory, but no one wants to play a 1v1 with cheats involved. This command ensures that no cheating will take place during your CSGO 1v1.
  • Mp_maxrounds 20
  • Mp_halftime 1
    • The combination of the above two commands creates the parameters and winning conditions for your 1v1 match. The specific commands above will create a match consisting of 20 rounds and one halftime, so you can fully customise this to however you see fit.
  • Mp_free_armour 2
    • This setting will be fully dependant on the scenario you want your one-versus-one to maintain, and if you play competitively, practicing with a range of settings here would be advised. Having the “2” at the end means both players will spam with a Kevlar and helmet at the beginning of every round. Using “1” at the end would only equip kevlar without a helmet, and “0” would mean you are given nothing.

Creating A CFG File For 1v1 Settings

If you opt to use the command console to create your 1v1 lobbies, and you are doing this regularly, it is advised to create a CFG file to save your ideal setting for future use. For context, you can access the CSGO console by pressing the ~ key, which is the default setting but can be changed if you wish.

The CFG is also referred to as an ‘Autoexec’, and it is recommended to use “Notepad++” to assist with editing the file in the future if needed. Here are the steps to create your own personal Autoexec for your 1v1 preferences.

  1. Find your CS:GO config folder. You can do so by navigating to your ‘Steam Library’ and right-clicking on ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then click on ‘Properties’ and finally click ‘Browse Local Files’.
  2. This should provide you with a menu with many folders in it, the next step is to double click on ‘CSGO’ and then into ‘CFG’. There will be many documents here, but you do not need to do anything with them, so do not worry.
  3. Right-click anywhere where there is not a file, and create a new ‘Text Document’. We advise naming this file ‘autoexec.txt’ when you create it.
  4. You can now open this text document and enter in your desired commands. You can use the commands provided above exactly, or you can adjust them to fit your preferences. Additionally, you will need to source an Autoexec creator.
  5. It is important to ensure that you include ‘host_writeconfig’ on the last line, and some Autoexec creators will do this automatically for you.
  6. Finally, you just need to save your Autoexec file and name it accordingly. It’s important to ensure your spelling is correct. Otherwise, you can have issues with the CFG working when called upon in the command section of the game.

How To Win A CSGO 1v1

Now that you know how to create 1v1 lobbies and access the unique Steam Workshop community maps designed for a range of one-versus-one experiences, you might be asking how to actually win the engagements and gunfights. Below are some pointers that will help to elevate your game.

These tips will also apply to proper games of CSGO, but there will be slight variances in the 1v1 lobbies, for example, in these 1v1 maps, there will not be a bomb planted, which would affect how quickly the situation needs to be played out.

  1. Understanding the weapons situation – Each gun has unique values and abilities, dealing different amounts of damage. It is important to be aware of what your opponent is working with, as they could have a better weapon than you, meaning you need to work angles and timings to your advantage.
  2. Reposition regularly – This ties into using angles to your advantage. If you have fired shots from one position, naturally, that is where your opponent will focus next time, so it is worth rotating and repositioning yourself for the next challenge and engagement. However, it is worth noting that mind games can be played, and sometimes the opponent will not expect you to rechallenge from the same spot, as they are always aware that repositioning is the wise decision, and this can catch them off guard.
  3. Take your time – Even if there is a bomb ticking away and needing to be defused, it’s important not to rush. Obviously, if you are time-restricted, play to that scenario and do not waste time. Taking your time, holding off for a couple of seconds, or playing mind games can affect your opponents’ decision-making and could ultimately give you a winning edge.
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