CS2 Upgrade Sites: In A Nutshell

CS2 upgrade sites

Since the boom and speedy recognition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worldwide, it did not only make thousands of dollars per year on its revenue but also support and love from its players across countries.

If you look into it, CS2 is just an average type of First-Person Shooting video game compared to what PC games we have now like Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, etc. However, with its undying support from the fans and well-known organizations, its popularity didn’t stop.

Moreover, CS2 is just on another level, the way it responds to the needs and wants of its players and fans. From the timely update of maps, gun skins, game modes, etc., one could just be satisfied by it.

Speaking of gun skins, CS2 has almost every beautiful cosmetic in the game. And not only gun skins but also jaw-dropping knives, cases, collections, stickers, music kits, and more. Even CS2 skins do not add any effect like precision, damage, or health to the game, but it has so much value in the market.

CS2 skins can be worth from just a few cents up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on their rarity and demand in the market. And through these, a lot of people gain money from buying and selling CS2 skins.

What makes it even more hype is that players can upgrade CS2 skins to higher levels they want, but it requires a lot of money, patience, and luck, as it’s not as easy as it seems. However, in upgrading your existing CS2 skin to its next level, you must make sure you have another ten (10) skins of it with the same level. So, if you have a level 1 gun skin, then you need another 10 of it to upgrade it to level 2.

Any player can also purchase high-level CS2 skins, but it comes with a price as it is not cheap as it looks, especially if the skin he or she wants is in demand in the market. Others also buy CS2 prime status upgrades for them to get better drops, but the odds of getting the skins they want is always 1 out of 100 chances.

How Do CS2 Upgrade Sites Work?


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CS2 upgrade sites work pretty simply as the user or player chooses any CS2 skin from his or her inventory that he or she wants to wager. Right after, he or she can browse on any upgrade sites’ inventory of the skin he or she wants to win. And it may simply be as it seems, but the odds of getting the desired skin he or she wants will always be based on the value of his or her skin and the value of the skin he or she is playing with. The CS2 upgrade site will then run its calculations, and the players will either win the desired upgraded skin he or she wished for or may lose his or her skin in the process.

How to Choose a CS2 Upgrade Site

Every player has its preferences in terms of looking for a CS2 upgrade site as there are plenty of sites that have overwhelming features and bonuses. But players should consider these five (5) things:

  1. Look for CS2 upgrade sites with a good reputation on the internet as reviews and comments from other players are a great factor for you to trust or not the said site.
  2. Always look at its log-in options once there’s Steam, Twitter, or Facebook on it, then it is a reputable CS2 upgrade site.
  3. The CS2 upgrade site you are looking into must have an extensive selection of skins wherein its suits your taste or the skins you have dreamed of.
  4. Explore the site’s services being offered and what it features because it is always a plus if it has a lot of activities you can do on their site.
  5. Review and examine the site terms and conditions and the methods of payment not just for your account’s security but also for the safety of your money.

TOP 5 CS2 Skin Upgrade Sites You Should Look Into

CS2 Skin Upgrade Sites allow you to bet your skins for a much higher level and value, but it will always depend on your luck and how much money you’re willing to risk.

Thus, here’s our Top 5 CS2 Skin Upgrade Sites you should visit:



If you are not familiar with this CS2 upgrade site, you should visit this. FarmSkins is one of the notable CS2 skin upgrades sites out there. Moreover, this is a case opening site in which users purchase cases ranging from a few cents to thousands of dollars. And sometimes, the drop of in-demand skins depends on the value of the case the user purchased.

FarmSkins is a legitimate and trusted site and has been operating for almost years (5) years now. Not only upgrade gambling is being offered on the site but also case battle and a store wherein you could purchase some cheap or high valued CS2 skins.

And if you are down to register on their site, it is guaranteed you will participate in their daily giveaways and daily bonuses – just make sure to be notified on most of their social networks to get special offers too.

As of this writing, the site has about 73,723,968 opened cases and counting – which also shows unbelievable support from its users and sponsors.

Lastly, what makes FarmSkins one of the best is you can reach their customer support through the live chat feature on their website, and you will get your response as soon as you have made a query.



Just like FarmSkins, this site is a traditional case opening site but offers CS2 skins upgrading. But what makes DaddySkins hype is its new game mode wherein multiple players can participate in opening the same case, and the player who wins the most in value will be able to keep all the items.

Unlike FarmSkins, where you can’t withdraw your deposited money or even your winnings through legit money, DaddySkins allows you to get your winnings through cryptocurrencies and CS2 skins – which will even make you hype and bet more on their game.

Not only the site is secured by an SSL-encrypted connection where they prioritize your account’s safety but also DaddySkins has provably fair proven case openings and CS2 skin upgrading.



Hellcase is one of the notable CS2 case opening sites out there which not only specializes in CS2 skins but also Dota 2 items to cater to both communities. They have been operating since 2016 and have been improving their services from time to time, getting about 130,000+ visits monthly, and have impressive statistics with over 15 million visitors to the site and counting.

One of its outstanding services is its withdrawal system where it would not make you wait for an hour – it will make you withdraw in less than five minutes (depends on the traffic on the site). What makes it also popular among CS2 upgrading sites is its high odds, wherein a lot of reviews online say they always make a profit in Hellcase, and they are not complaining.

Lastly, not only Hellcase has an immense variety of withdrawable skins, but also you now can withdraw your winnings through cryptocurrencies and other withdrawal options.


ezy upgr

EZY is still considered as one of the lowkey CS2 upgrading sites where it specializes in case opening, whose prices are ranging from few dollars to as much as thousands of dollars. Again, the value of the skins any player wants depends on the case they are purchasing and their luck, as the odds of getting high-valued skins are always 1 out of 100 chances.

Aside from opening VGO and CS2 cases, EZY’s CS2 gambling or Upgrade is refreshing to look at as its design and color theme is pleasing to the eyes. And one of the popular features offered in the site is for the players or users’ ability to create their own cases where they can choose their preferred style and color.

Lastly, what EZY that other CS2 upgrading sites don’t have is the case opening simulator, which any player doesn’t need to spend anything to test. And the outcome and the odds in the simulator are the same as in the actual.


datdrop upgrade

DatDrop has one of the most active communities in terms of CS2 upgrading sites as it feels like players in this site never sleep. DatDrop is notable for its consistency and transparency with its odds and provably fair system, wherein any player can check their game for a fair roll seed.

DatDrop case battle openings are one of the game modes you must participate in as not only it is challenging and thrilling because it will be filled with players in an instant, but surely you will be able to win high-valued skins if luck is in your favor.

Five Tips When Placing Betting on a CS2 Upgrade Site

Generally, gambling is addicting and sometimes can be the reason to lose everything you have saved and earned, so here are the tips for placing a bet on a CS2 upgrade site:

  1. Always make sure you are ready to lose everything in an instant as there’s no easy-win guaranteed.
  2. Once you have won your first or three bets, go for a rest;
  3. Or once you have lost twice in a row in a day, go for a rest – because it is bad luck.
  4. Go for a play-safe strategy wherein go for low bets if you have a good start, then add more once you are on a winning streak.
  5. Secure your winnings, withdraw some of them for you not to spend everything.
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