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WTFSkins: An Overview of the Skins Marketplace

WTFSkins review 2023
Offer Activated
Offer Activated
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  • Weekly giveaways and special offers
  • Active social media presence
  • Wide selection of CS:GO skins
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  • Cashback up to 10%
  • Free daily rewards
  • Partner program available

  • Chance to win CSGO skins
  • Competitive and exciting PvP matches
  • Regular updates and news notifications
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  • Diverse and interactive event formats
  • 0% fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Regular updates and new event releases

  • Convenient integration with Steam accounts
  • Multilingual support and international accessibility
  • Fast and convenient deposit/withdrawal process

  • Virtual item trading marketplace
  • Advanced game tech and fintech features
  • Secure transactions on the blockchain
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  • Big welcome bonus package
  • Well-optimized mobile version
  • No limit on how much you can deposit or withdraw

In a Nutshell

WTFSkins is a famous CS2 gambling site that has one of the most active users on the internet. WTFSkins has everything any player needs, from site legitimacy to the games offered and to the number of ways to deposit and withdraw your winnings, it is a place to be.

WTFSkins also offers its players to claim prizes through a bonus code, and you can receive such goods when you enter this code: 23149832. WTFSkins also ensures its players with its fair play policy, wherein they always deliver their best on its services from time to time.

Overall Rating

Overall Rating4.2/5
User Interface3.75/5
Games Offered4.5/5
Payment and Withdraw Options4.5/5
Customer Support4.0/5

Pros and Cons


  • Easy Registration
  • No Country Restriction
  • Free Sign-Up Bonus
  • Daily Free Bonuses
  • Good Odds
  • Live-Chat Box
  • Active Community
  • Fair Play Policy


  • The user interface can be improved
  • WTFSkins withdraw in terms of your winnings requires a fee
  • Contacting customer support requires a ticket

What is WTFSkins

WTFSkins is one of the biggest CS2 sportsbooks on the internet right now, and one of its main features is its active community – not only that it is growing, but you can see its players has been supportive from its events and games offered.

WTFSkins also features a legends section wherein you will see the top-ranked players on daily, weekly, and monthly rankings. And being one of the top players would receive exciting prizes such as CS2 high-valued skins bet bonuses.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, and Promotions

If you are reading this WTFSkin review right now and are new to the platform, you can enter this unique WTFSkins code: 23149832 and receive cool prizes. And if someone invited you from another site or other reviewers, you can also use other WTFSkins affiliate code for redemption. But, if you don’t know how to use the code, here’s a guide:

Using WTFSkins Affiliate Code:

  1. Make sure you have logged in to your account using Steam.
  2. Once the site directs you to its home page, click the “free” on the menu (as you can see on the photo above).
  3. Enter the affiliate code “23149832”, then click claim to receive prizes for free.

Moreover, if you have already used the code, you can simply make deposits and receive free gems daily from WTFskins and start winning your games. Or you can check these codes below if they are not already been used:

  • gamblecsgowtf – Enter the code now and receive $0.25 gems for free
  • wtfskinscsgo100 – Enter the code now and receive $$0.25 gems for free
  • wtfskins1001 – Enter the code now and receive $$0.25 gems for free
  • csgo100top – Enter the code now and receive $$0.25 gems for free
  • wtfskins1003 – Enter the code now and receive $$0.25 gems for free

Special Features

WTFSkins best feature is its game offered as it has one of the best odds, and if you have read other WTFSkins review, no one has ever complained as to their odds as most of the players have positive comments about this – which in their case, they have won a lot from gems to CS2 skins.

Games Offered

WTFSkins may not have a varied selection of CS2 casino games for players to play, but they make sure they have the most popular and in-demand games most players are looking to bet at such high value. Here’s what WTFSkins offer:


WTFSkins main page

WTFSkins’ Crash game is one of the popular games being offered not only on their site but also to other CS2 gambling sites. Players may find the game being tricky because it requires a lot of attention, focus, and ability to think fast, it is still one of the most played in WTFSkins.

And this is one of the reasons why players always bet big on this game. Because the more they bet high and once the line goes, increasingly higher and multiplies, and they cash out before the crash happens, they will receive their bet back plus the multiplier amount it reached.

This is why the game has never been out of the games offered in most CS2 gambling sites, as there are no considered pro players on the crash game as its mechanics to win high odds will always depend on the player’s luck and ability to think thoroughly.


WTFSkins roulette

WTFSkins’ Roulette is a game wherein players choose a color from black, green, and red to bet from number 1 to 15. And unlike the classic one, most CS2 gambling sites offer different ways of placing bets.


WTFSkins Jackpot game requires at least two players to deposit CS2 skins or items in the pot, and each will receive tickets on the same amount they have deposited. And after placing bets for about 80 seconds, the system will pick the lucky winner to win those deposited items. Thus, the players who have betted a quantity of skins have a high chance to win the pot.

WTFSkins jackpot


WTFSkins Upgrade is better than the traditional CS2, where it requires another 10 of the same skin that you have to upgrade your existing CS2 skin. On the site, its system only requires you at least 1 item of the same to upgrade. However, the chances to upgrade will depend on your luck, as it is always 1 out of 100.

WTF Legends


WTF Legends creates an opportunity for those players, especially those who always deposit and bet on the games, to compete with others in the rankings. And by this, players will compete depending on their winnings in different categories and rank them accordingly in daily, weekly, or monthly rewards.

It is also proven that WTFSkins always allot a full $25,000 in steam value to be rewarded for those who in the rankings in the form of CS2 skins. And one tip, each time you bet one to five dollars on their games, you will be rewarded 1 – 5 points.

Betting Options

Sadly, WTFSkins don’t have a lot to offer, unlike other CS2 gambling sites where they have esports matches to wager, the site only focuses on its CS2 casino games for their players to bet through real money or CS2 skins.

However, as time progresses and WTFSkins is developing and looking for other avenues for players to enjoy their services, most likely in the future, we could see other betting options on the site.

Location and Age Restrictions

Positively, WTFSkins do not restrict any country as they are more inclined to be an international gambling site for CS2 skins. However, for age restrictions, it is already given that players should be from 18 and above to follow the rules and regulations of WTFSkins.


Any player should register through Steam and be able to log-in to its account and access WTFSkins through there.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Unlike the previous versions of WTFSkins, they are more advanced now and following some trends as they have a bunch of deposit options to choose from:

  • Bitcoin
  • P2P
  • CS2 Skins
  • Dota 2 Skins
  • G2A Pay
  • Gamemoney
  • PayOp
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • TF2 Keys
  • UnionPay
  • Visa

Also, WTFSkins withdraw has the following options on your winnings:

  • P2P
  • CS2 or Dota 2 Skins
  • TF2 Keys

Hoping WTFSkins withdraw will add more methods as they have a lot of options on their deposit methods.

Privacy and Security

In terms of security, WTFSkins does not have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption which means you must be careful on sharing personal information with strangers, especially about your money or bank ids.

However, you can access WTFSkins through your Steam account, which means it will notify you of the activities, especially your deposit and withdrawal activities on the site, through the email you used.

WTFSkins faq

Customer Support

One of the main issues most players have been complaining about in most WTFSkins reviews is its customer support, as it requires you to contact them via their ticket system. Thus, you have to write everything you are complaining about or any concerns you have on their site in detailed format. And once you have sent your problem, you will need to wait for about 24 – 48 hours to receive a response from them.

Final Verdict

WTFSkins is again can be considered as one of the most improved and famous CS2 gambling sites on the internet, with an active community of about 600+ players every day.

However, their user interface is not eye-friendly, especially for those new to the site, as the theme and the organization are messy. But based on the previous versions of WTFSkins, I think they did a decent job of adding new features and deposit options.

And if we are going to compare WTFSkins to other CS2 gambling sites, I think WTFSkins will still be part of the top 5, maybe in the top 10 notable CS2 betting sites.


Is WTFSkins Legit?

WTFSkins is a legit site and has been operating for about four (4) years now. WTFSkins has been developing and improving its services timely to meet the expectations of its players.

How Does WTFSkins Work?

WTFSkins requires anyone to have a Steam account to enable you to make deposits or withdraw your winnings. And once you have registered or already have an account, you can now participate in the games they offered or compete with other players in the WTF Legends.

How to Confirm Your Steam Account on WTFSkins?

First, if you already have a Steam Account, make sure it is verified. If not, verify it through the email they sent to you. After verification, go to Log-in through Steam. And the system will direct you to its home page.

How to Make Money With WTFSkins?

One of the things you need is to create a steam account, deposit some money and make a wager on their CSGO casino games and make sure you have the guts and will to pull off a win.

Which Skins Can I Deposit WTFSkins?

WTFSkins has only two options for depositing skins, and these are CSGO and Dota 2 Skins. But I suggest you have to deposit those high valued skins of yours to make a profit in your winnings.

How to Get More Daily Coins From WTFSkins?

WTFSkins already has its free coins system where you can claim it daily and receive $0.02 of gems for free. However, if you want it to increase its amount, you need to deposit real money from time to time and meet the required levels.

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