All About Valorant Betting

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Step by Step Instructions to Bet on Valorant Matches

Valorant’s popularity is constantly increasing. And individuals can’t help thinking about how they can bet on the game matches. An ever-increasing number of competitions are springing up, and individuals are anxious to begin betting on their new most loved game. But, relax, this article will cover what to consider, how it works, and where you can go to put down your wagers.

How Does Valorant Betting Work?

The same as CSGO, you have two groups that will be matched towards one another on a map. The group that arrives at 13 rounds first will dominate the match, and assuming you’ve set your cash on the champ, you’ll bring home some money, which fluctuates, relying upon the odds. The game can’t go over 13 rounds. So, keep in mind, assuming this is a BO3, they’ll need to dominate another match to bring home the success.

Assuming that the two groups arrive at 12 rounds, the match goes into overtime; it will be an abrupt demise round for the winner of the match. The group wins round either by taking out the rivals, planting and effectively exploding the spikes, or on the other hand assuming that the Defenders stop the bombs. This isn’t the only kind of wagering available at making bets. You can likewise put down live wagers and more.

What Kind of Wagers Are Accessible?

Match Winner

The victor of the match, regardless of which design the match is being played at, e.g., BO1, BO3, BO5.

Map Winner

When this is offered, you can wager on the champ of the map. So regardless of whether it’s a round of 3 maps, you can wager in which group will win a particular map.

First Blood

Bet in which group will draw the first blood of the round

Spike Plant

Some Valorant betting sites permit you to put down your bet on whether the Attackers will want to establish the spike for the following round.

Live Bets

Some sites permit something many refer to as “Live bets.” This will empower you to wager on things that may occur soon, e.g., when the spike gets planted, you may find the opportunity to wager on whether the Defenders will want to stop the spike. Other normal Live bets are, “Will’ player’ grip this round?”, “Will’ player’ figure out how to save the Operator?”.

Valorant Betting Sites 2023

Understanding Valorant Bet Predictions

While betting on the game, you will in all probability, see Decimal chances [2.5]. It’s the most normal method of showing odds contrasted with the American odds and is seldom seen in Valorant betting. Decimal odds are likewise the most straightforward ones to comprehend, which is why it is significant to know valorant bet predictions.

You fundamentally take the cash you’ve set and duplicate it by the number(s) the odds showed, the sum you get will be cash you’ve won from your bet. Illustration of the most widely recognized Valorant odds: You’ve put down a bet of $10 on Fnatic with 2.5 in odds. Assuming that Fnatic wins, you’ll bring home $25. $10×2.5=$25

The odds in the game may contrast somewhat from the Valorant betting sites that you visited. Consider picking the site with the best odds as those with odds that favor the longshots because more different Valorant betting sites ordinarily take a higher charge from your wager and thus have more regrettable odds.

Important: Knowledge About the Groups

Seeing how the groups work in the game is fundamental to being an effective bettor. A few teams may make an easier time playing against a team that, on paper, is harder. Along these lines, consistently ensure you keep updated in the groups you bet on and additionally the group you bet against.

  • Recent Form – How has the team(s) acted in recently played matches.
  • Past Results versus “Group” – How does the record look when the group you’re wagering on has played against the rivals before.
  • Changes inside the team(s) – Have there been any critical changes inside the association? Maybe one of the groups will utilize a substitute player for the match. Did any of the groups recently change their program, player, or mentor?
  • News – Have any of the groups had some sort of issue of late that has come in the method of rehearsing like normal? Any debates inside the association or something else that might influence the interactivity or group chemistry? Wounds?

Understanding the Gameplay

This turns out to be exceptionally convenient, assuming that you’re into live wagering. It tends to be very difficult to have a smart thought of where the match is going assuming you haven’t the foggiest of how the game functions. Play the game yourself and watch the expert players stream it to improve understanding.

List of Valorant Betting Sites

You’re likely acquainted with the popularity Valorant has gotten, so you shouldn’t be astonished by the number of bookmakers there are offering odds on the game these days. Here you can observe the best Valorant betting sites for 2024, regardless of which inclinations you like.

Each one of the betting sites we list is tried and trusted by us, so you can sit back, pick a Valorant betting site, and trust that we have done the due constancy for you. On the off chance that you want to assume control over the matter, we have pinpointed the absolute most urgent elements to think about further down this article. Here is the rundown of the top Valorant betting sites:


GG.Bet rushed to include Valorant on their site. Today, in addition to the fact that they have extremely serious bet predictions, they also offer the widest choice of Valorant bets. GG.Bet covers most of the Champions Tour matches, and they aren’t fussy with regards to various contending areas.

You will find the headliners like the VCT Challengers and Masters, with the Open Qualifier matches paving the way to them. With such a huge choice to browse, GG.Bet is so far one of the most mind-blowing Valorant betting sites. Regardless of whether you’re new to betting on the game or, on the other hand, assuming that you’re a veteran, this is a brilliant spot to begin your betting venture.


BUFF.Bet is an incredible subsequent option with regards to Valorant betting. They have a strong choice of Valorant Champions Tour matches, and the chances are comparable to GG.Bet. In any case, they like to focus on the greater matchups in Valorant, so the choice of matches is considerably more restricted.

What’s exceptional for BUFF.Bet is that they additionally have a lot of live streams highlighting some Valorant proficient players. This is a decent reward for devotees of Valorant betting, where they can put down their bet on Valorant and partake in some quality Valorant activity at a similar spot.


Betway is our last pick. This bookmaker covers a wide scope of esports, including Valorant. They offer extraordinary esports bonuses for novices, so Betway is a great decision for any individual who wishes to attempt Valorant betting interestingly. For the individuals who place a great deal of significance on how the Valorant gambling site looks, they will not be baffled.

Betway has an instinctive interface that is extremely responsive. Also, you can utilize their wagering application for all your Valorant gambling needs. This adds more choices and adaptability and permits you to put down your wagers any place you might be. Betway offers an enormous scope of safe paying techniques, extraordinary chances, and a protected and reasonable wagering administration, so it’s surely one of the top Valorant gambling destinations.

Valorant Gambling Tips

If the list above still does not convince you, maybe more detailed review criteria for a quality Valorant gambling site are all you need. Below are some tips and factors worth considering when choosing the best Valorant gambling site.

Accessible Payment Methods

The first thing to consider to bet on Valorant is the availability of its payment methods. You need to know if your bookmaker accepts your mode of payment, and we are not limiting this to just bank transfers, Visa, or Mastercard, but a whole lot of different payments available online.

Your Valorant betting site should also accept cryptocurrencies such as Neteller, Sofort, Skrill, EcoPayz, Paysafecard,, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Unikoin, and Ethereum. This mode of payment had been stirring up the online market because of its minimal fees and anonymity. They are also decentralized and are available worldwide. And for those who are not tech-savvy, cryptocurrencies are also easy to set up and are very secure, which makes them a good choice for any Valorant gambling enthusiast.

Valorant Betting

SSL Certificates

This is one of the most important things to look out for when choosing a site to bet on Valorant or any other online platform. A lot of phishing schemes have been going around in the online market, so one should be careful on giving out personal information such as SSN, credit card details, so you could stay away from trouble.

Because of this, we encourage everyone to implement unique passwords on their accounts and only apply to any esports betting site that has an SSL Certificate to further avoid possible external scams. But since this is a difficult matter to check, why not refer to the list we mentioned above since we only input those sites that incorporate the best encryption.

Valorant Bonuses

Keep in mind that bonuses offered by online esports betting sites are such a blessing! Even though they may appear unrealistic, consistently click that sparkling case button since you don’t have anything to lose other than the cash you’ve contributed. The most well-known kind of reward on esports wagering destinations with Valorant odds is the purported “welcome rewards.”

Their pay-out terms are very thorough, which means you’ll require a great deal of ability and a reasonable piece of luck to cash them out. But assuming you figure out how to do as such, you’ll be an extremely rich man. Nonetheless, we like to consider bonuses to be more like gift diversion or supporting bets.

You can utilize these bonus assets for wagering on insane high-hazard bets and additionally supporting your current wagers. Bonus funds prepare the players for a lot of great open doors, so big deposits upon enrolling may be a smart move after all.

Esports Bets Variety

We should discuss the accessibility of other esports markets. Betting sites that highlight Valorant lines should include a wide assortment of other esports titles, as well. Regularly, these reach from the famous titles like CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL, and all other less known esports like Rocket League, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and so on.

Although you may think you’ll be betting on Valorant on the web and only Valorant, it’s still a bad idea to restrict yourself first. Assuming that you’re set to join a decent bookmaker, ensure it includes a huge load of extra esports other than Valorant. You shouldn’t experience any difficulty tracking down such a site, though because by far the majority of the market highlights this feature.

Site Fluidity

In conclusion, when discussing where to wager genuine money on Valorant, we should specify optimization. If you are going to invest a lot of time in your chosen Valorant betting site, you’ll surely value this feature. Furthermore, we’re not just discussing mobile optimization here, but also conventional desktop arrangements, as well. Smoothness, instinctive page-to-page route, and strong UI are the fundamental factors that make an appropriate Valorant betting site. All the other things follow.

Another thing we might want to underscore here is the significance of esports betting applications with Valorant odds. Nowadays, a decent piece of esports bettors want to bet on the fly with their mobile phones. While dynamic applications are improving nowadays, nothing beats a much-optimized betting application. Applications deliver a definitive esports betting experience, which is the reason their numbers will just continue to fill before long.

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