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PayPal is one of the most used payment services worldwide. It’s common to pay and get paid, as well as doing almost all kinds of transactions, using this electronic financial alternative. Of course, the desire of many bettors to use this system is more than understandable, as it is a fast, convenient way of depositing money on betting websites.

Despite its popularity worldwide, however, the sad news is that PayPal isn’t actually accepted by many gambling operators. If being able to use this payment method is impresidible to you, then worry not. In this guide, we’ll give you a list of good and safe gambling sites that accept PayPal, as well as reviewing some pros and cons of using it so that you can choose better.


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Best CS2 Websites Accepting PayPal

As anticipated, here are some sites for CSGO gambling with PayPal in which you can withdraw with PayPal.


In need of a traditional, secure, and widely approved, on the scene for many years? Betway is the answer. It is recognized worldwide as one of the best CS2 gambling websites that accept PayPal, given this high reputation in the gaming community.

betway main

What makes Betway so good? Probably its simplicity, as well as the fact that it has everything a bettor wants. Easy to navigate, you have all the esports markets available at a glance. CS2 is one of the most popular esports, and Betway offers not only traditional markets but unique ones as well (map played, match winners, and more). Odds are very competitive as well, and users can choose which method to use (decimal, fractional, or American format).

Among the great perks of Betway is, clearly, the fact that you can pay using PayPal. If you use this CSGO betting operator, you also get fast customer support and a dedicated mobile app.


If you are not really looking for traditional betting platforms and are more specifically interested in trading or buying CSGO & CS2 items and skins, we highly recommend CSMoney. It is among the best websites for everything CS2 cosmetics.

csmoney main page

One of the reasons why this website has such a good reputation is how fast withdrawals and trades are. Also, they list a lot of items ready to be yours at a very convenient deal. On top of that, CSMoney is a legit site, and its safety is proved by the fact that it has been operating since 2016 and counts nowadays with more than 70 million trades. Punters trust CSMoney also because of the efforts the website has done in stopping scams and fraudulent actions.

Speaking of which, there is a specific process that users have to undergo if they desire to deposit using PayPal. Customers have to go through a Personal verification stage, but it’s not complicated: the Security section in your personal area will lead you to the Verify button. Simply fill in the form with the information required and wait for up to 2 days to get your account verified. Then you can start using PayPal.


Here’s another very valid option in case you want to trade, buy, or sell CS2 skins. It’s reputation is very high, and it’s one of the preferred sites for many users, as proven by the generally favorable reviews the website receives on sites like TrustPilot or Reddit.

Bitskins main page

Bitskins is very simplistic in style and may not appear the most professional one with the best layout, but in fact, it’s totally the opposite: they sacrifice a bit of aesthetic for the most important part, skins. Prices are very good and listed among the best perks of Bitskins.

You can see how much attention they pay to their customers and to offering the best service possible by the fact that they offer many deposit methods (including PayPal, of course), by their helpful FAQ service and customer support, and by all the measures they make sure all users follow in order for everyone (and everyone’s money) to be safe. Definitely worth a try!


Traditionally known for classic sports betting, Pinnacle was one of the first gambling sites to offer esports markets. The website is chosen for CSGO betting with PayPal since it’s widely known for offering probably the best wagers available, as the main focus of Pinnacle is to provide the lowest margins possible.

Pinnacle main page

Because of this reason, they sacrifice some features like welcome bonuses, special events, casino games, or live betting. However, it’s a fair price to pay if we consider that Pinnacle accepts PayPal payments. In addition to this, the website is also top-notch when it comes to customer support, markets available, professionalism, and safety.

CS:GO PayPal Betting: Advantages

  • Security. One of the reasons a lot of people choose PayPal for everything related to money is because of the security it provides. First of all, all transactions are encrypted, which means that unauthorized people can’t access your data because it has been converted into a code.
    On top of that, not having to provide confidential financial information is clearly a bonus. Your credit or debit card details won’t be needed, so you don’t have to worry about them going to the wrong hands.
    Speaking of security, when it comes to CS2 betting sites where you can withdraw using PayPal, be extremely careful and always double-check that such websites are legit and safe.
  • Speed. No news for anyone, PayPal is among the fastest payment methods, and that’s because all you can potentially need is enter your email and password. Nothing about days to withdraw your winnings, with PayPal transactions are close to being immediate.
  • Currencies. Another important element not to underestimate when it comes to bets and gambling operators is the different currencies that are used. If you are using a foreign CSGO gamble website, then you might find it difficult to understand the differences in currencies. Luckily, PayPal deals with numerous different countries, so you shouldn’t have any problems in this regard.

CS:GO PayPal Betting: Cons

  • Availability. Unfortunately, PayPal isn’t available everywhere, and you may have to turn down some websites because of this. If you really want to use PayPal as your main payment method, then make sure beforehand that the website you want to use accepts it. We listed a few sites above, but there are more, of course.
  • Fees. Sometimes it may happen that those using PayPal are subject to higher fees compared to other methods. Of course, this depends on the website and does not always apply, but be careful and remember this before depositing or withdrawing. This happens simply because PayPal is a unique service and its financial regulation differs a bit from some other popular methods.
  • Bonuses. Another potential drawback, again depending on the betting site, is that in some cases, you may not be eligible for bonuses like welcome perks and the like if you use PayPal.


Overall, PayPal is a great method for CS2 betting. It’s a main advantage is that it’s a safe and fast method, and those are two key elements when it comes to gambling online. The only major problem is that many websites don’t accept this form of payment, so it may be frustrating to find a website you really like and then find out they do not support PayPal. However, there are many good betting websites, like the ones we listed above, in which it is totally fine to use PayPal. We suggest you check them out and try for yourself.

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