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csgoempire review2023

  • Weekly giveaways and special offers
  • Active social media presence
  • Wide selection of CS:GO skins
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  • Cashback up to 10%
  • Free daily rewards
  • Partner program available

  • Chance to win CSGO skins
  • Competitive and exciting PvP matches
  • Regular updates and news notifications
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  • Diverse and interactive event formats
  • 0% fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Regular updates and new event releases

  • Convenient integration with Steam accounts
  • Multilingual support and international accessibility
  • Fast and convenient deposit/withdrawal process

  • Virtual item trading marketplace
  • Advanced game tech and fintech features
  • Secure transactions on the blockchain
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  • Big welcome bonus package
  • Well-optimized mobile version
  • No limit on how much you can deposit or withdraw

In A Nutshell

CSGOEmpire is currently the oldest and largest CS2 skin betting site in operation. In 2023, CSGO Empire is the most trusted and popular CS2 skin gambling website. Because they were one of the first CS2 gambling sites to emerge, Empire is known as “the original skin gambling site.” Players trust CSGOEmpire because they have been reliable for many years and are completely licensed to operate.

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What made CSGOEmpire so appreciated by the betting CS2 community? The answer is simple: consistency and fairness when it comes to skins and cases, simplicity both in the registration process and the deposit/withdrawal one, several promotions, and a few unique features. A lot of deposit methods and good customer support are the icings on the cake.

CSGO Empire, by the way, is available in 18 different languages. English, German, Spanish, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Chinese are some of the languages available. CSGOEmpire is a genuinely global website.

And their skin withdrawal system is based on peer-to-peer trade. When a person withdraws a CS2 skin, they are also accepting another player’s deposit.

Let us dig deep into what CS GO Empire can offer in greater detail.

CSGOEmpire Rating

Bonuses and Promotions4
Games Offered5
Deposit and withdrawal options5
Customer support5

Bonuses, Referral Codes, And Promotions

CSGOEmpire offers several bonuses and promotions to their customers. First of all, they greet you with a free gift case if you register on the platform. Plus, if you do so by using a CSGOEmpire promo code cs2-bets, you’ll receive a bonus.

The way CSGOEmpire works is by levels. The more you bet on their website, the more levels you get. This will grant you extra keys to open daily cases, and, of course, the higher your level, the better the cases.

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Offer Activated
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Ever wished to see coins raining? Well, on CSGOEmpire, it is possible. They offer this fun promotion consisting of random coins raining in the chat area (left area of the website) every 1 to 30 minutes. You can also earn coins by referring friends to the website through a CSGOEmpire code. More so, the site offers a free referral code list:

  • cs2-bets

If these are not enough, the betting site also has frequent giveaways and special events from time to time, make sure you can check their social media like Twitter or Discord to know how to take part in them and win.

csgoempire main

Special Features

CSGO Empire has a few features which make it stand out from other similar websites. What strikes at first is the presence of a chat for all customers available directly from their site as soon as you enter. It is great to see they included different servers so that every room has a specific language: English, Portuguese, Swedish, Vietnamese, and Polish are the most crowded ones, but there are other chat rooms too that have a high number of players.

Also, we can’t deny the fact that the site offers a lot of rewards, especially for those players who can refer new players to the platform. Who will refer their referral link to get players will receive a percentage of each bet every time the referral places a bet on the betting site.

Among special features, there is also a small jackpot bonus in which players have a chance to win. In short, a small portion of every bet goes into a bonus pot. When the bonus icon comes up, the pot will be split proportionally between all eligible players in the round. The “King of Coins” is another feature, where the best daily, weekly, and monthly bettors fight for cash rewards. Every coin stake, the player earns points.

Games Offered

csgoempire match betting

Even though skins are not something limited to CS2, you probably guessed by their name that this betting site only covers such games. However, what they offer are a few types of casino games to get out of the usual items of betting and enjoy something different and more casual. In the beginning, they only offered one game, but we were pleasantly surprised to see they are willing to add more: now, the games available are three.


The way the game works is quite simple. They offer you 3 bets. You can bet on Terrorist (T), Counter-Terrorist (CT), or Empire. There are a total of 15 slots, 7 for T and CT each, and 1 for Empire. A T or CT bet gives you the chance to double your money, and an Empire CS2 bet pays 14 to 1. 

And of course, the most valued symbol appears in the game far less frequently than the other two symbols. Users can now start with a value of 0.01 coins for their own game. The prize is awarded if your own symbol appears at the end of the game round. 

You might win big no matter what you choose to wager on. You can put whatever money you generate on the game into the shop, where you can buy a variety of superb and valuable CS2 skins.

Take note that the maximum bet for this game is 100,000 coins but as a player, you can send a request to their customer service team to change the maximum amount.

Match Betting

Some betting sites offer skin betting, CSGOEmpire does the contrary. They have a dedicated section of their website devoted to match-betting, with many of the most popular esports available–Dota 2, CS2, LoL, and Overwatch, among others, which you can also bet through coins.

Coin Flip

This is quite literally what the name suggests, and it all revolves around wagering on coin tosses. To prove fairness, they show you a “provably fair” writing that demonstrates how the games use proprietary software.

Location and Age Restrictions

Given that CSGOEmpire is a gambling operator, it is forbidden for people under the legal age of 18 years old to create an account. As they state in their Terms of Service, they reserve the right to request proof of age and perform checks to verify the information you provided.

About the location, unfortunately, you cannot register on CSGOEmpire if you reside in one of the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • the United States of America
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Australia


We talked about the age and location conditions to sign up, but how do you actually do it? The process is very simple. Visit, and you’ll notice a green “Sign In” option on the top right side of the page. It has the Steam logo next to it, because you won’t be creating a completely new account but links your Steam one instead.

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When clicking on it, you are redirected to the Steam Community site. Enter your Steam credentials, read the recap about the information you are about to share with the CSGOEmpire site, and confirm.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

CSGOEmpire withdraw

CSGOEmpire has one of the most comprehensive deposit options available. Customers can deposit skins as well as money via Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, G2A Wallet, and bank transfers. Punters can also deposit with cryptocurrency. These options may vary depending on the country you are from; to avoid any confusion, on, you can set your region so that you only see the methods available in your country.

Make sure that before depositing or paying the respective payment on the money that you will deposit, the administrator will let you know if there are any fees or if there is anything else you should know about the transaction. Simply utilize the list icon in the lobby at the top right of the screen to access the deposit area. After another click on “Deposit,” you will be directly sent to the deposit section, where you may begin the rest of the process. Use the “Deposit Skins” button, which can be located in the shop overview at the bottom right of the screen, to re-upload a skin.

Withdrawal on CSGOEmpire is made with skins. The betting website has made significant improvements in the availability of skins and the speed of transactions now that they have implemented a P2P process.

Privacy and Security

All CSGOEmpire reviews will pay a lot of attention to this aspect. When it comes to CS2 skin betting, CSGOEmpire is one of the safest CS2 betting websites out there. We mentioned before the “provably fair” option is always available, but that is not all. They have a dedicated page in which they explain the total fairness of each and every game and how the results simply cannot be manipulated in any way.

CSGO Empire is legal and completely transparent. If you want to know more, you can check out the “Fairness” link at the top of the home page. Plus, they even obtained an official gaming license, and although it is the Curaçao one –which is not considered the best out there– it still shows how much CS GO Empire values security.

After thoroughly reviewing the site, we feel comfortable in saying that the website is safe to use and that all your data is secured. The CSGOEmpire betting site receives, on average more than 2 million visits per month, and customers have been choosing this site for more than 4 years, given the excellent service it provides. Nowadays, the website boasts more than 5 million registered users.

Customer Support

People not yet registered on the CSGOEmpire betting website can check the FAQ section available at the top of the home page. In there, they can find some basic information available for anyone to see and some of the key questions and answers collected by the website’s admin. If you want more information or contact customer support directly, then you first have to register.

This is not something we particularly liked, as a potential customer should have all the information available at once in order to make a conscious choice of whether to register or not. Anyway, customer support, in general, is very useful and always very quick in helping their users with any problem or question, receiving much praise from them. They have a dedicated email (for non-registered users, too) as well as live chat support available on 24/7.



We wrap up our CSGOEmpire betting website review by underlining again the great operator this site is, surely one of the best among CS2 case opening websites. As you have seen, the only real complaint we had was with their customer support not being fully available to everyone. Apart from that, CSGO Empire ranks very high in all the aspects we reviewed.

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The security they guarantee, alongside their promotions, unique features, and payment methods available, allows us to fully recommend the website if you’re interested in gambling CSGO skins.


Is CSGOEmpire Legit?

Yes, they are one of the best CSGO betting sites for case opening in terms of security. They have millions of dedicated and satisfied customers and have been working hard on those features, such as the “provably fair” option, that guarantee the fairness of all games.

What Are Coins?

Coins are the system implemented by CSGOEmpire to carry on some transactions on their betting site. $1 equals 100 coins, and the latter can even be exchanged and sent to other users via the chat function available on the website.

Is There A CSGOEmpire App?

Unfortunately, not, nonetheless, the website can be quite comfortably visited from a mobile browser.

Is Skin Betting On CSGOEmpire Legal?

No, skin gambling is not illegal, and CSGOEmpire’s service is in line with the law. Valve, however, firmly declared that they are not affiliated whatsoever with these third party websites.

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