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Welcome to cs2-bets.org  where you will find all the required information regarding esports betting. Our pool of experts has done a tough work of evaluating, analyzing, and explaining the most popular online bookmakers and online gambling services provided on the present-day esports market.

We have already reviewed a number of several online betting services from all over the world. But be sure this is not some kind of blog with precarious authors and goals. We are developing quickly and are ready to give the fairest and brighter grades.

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Do you know what your perfect betting website is? Well, we have some suggestions for sure. Just surf through our website and find out what kind of services you need and what category of the betting website is able to give you accurate product.

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Founder Daniel Witman
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Contributor, gamer Liz Pinton
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Daniel Witman –  Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Witman is a professional esports journalist who reviews esports events and trends in the industry. Recently, he’d decided to create the blog cs2-bets.org where he could share his passion with the readers interested in the topic.

Liz Pinton – Editor, writer

She is a passionate gamer who enjoys writing about eSports as well. Currently, she’s serving as an editor for cs2-bets.org.

Louis Feron – Contributor, Freelance writer

Louis Feron is a freelance content writer and blogger, currently working part-time for cs2-bets.org. He learns his entire life with curiosity and shares his knowledge with others in a simple and understandable way.