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This page has been created with the goal of breaking down the best options when it comes to CSGO Casino games. These days there is such a vast variation available to users, which means it can be difficult to find one that suits your needs. You don’t want your CSGO gambling experience to be a coinflip, follow this guide, and you should be on a steady path to betting success.

The CSGO Casinos are an extension of the popular CS2 match betting that has been growing rapidly in recent years. However, not everyone wants to rely on a real-life result; instead, they prefer to take things into their own hands, as much as they can, with a casino.

The virtual gambling and casino industry has been evolving at an incredible pace, meaning there are some fantastic options and a wide variety of games available. Below you can find the different types of casino games that are available.

cs2 casino

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CSGO Casino Games

As mentioned, there is quite an array of games available. We have created a brief breakdown of each, so you can fully understand the casino scene that has evolved around CS2.


It is almost guaranteed that a CS2 betting site will have some form of roulette game for users to play. Whilst each platform can apply their own unique theme so these games, the same traditional rules still apply. Roulette is one of the most popular gambling options and can be found in casinos around the world.

Whilst the traditional rules do tend to apply. You will find the occasional difference with some CS2 Roulette games. The traditional game of Roulette will have a table ranging from 0 up to 36. Some smaller CS2 Casinos may only feature one type of table, with 15 numbers. These tables will have an equal number of red and black numbers, with a zero being thrown into the mix. The zero is designed to catch you off guard, throw you off your game as a wild card bet.


The simple childhood coinflip has evolved in the world of CS2 gambling. The coinflip game is a dedicated player vs. player experience. It is a common theme to see the heads and tails options being replaced on CSGO betting platforms, with T-side (Terrorist) and CT-Side (Counter-Terrorist).

Players can choose what they want to put on stake, usually with an even amount on the line for the other player. This is an incredibly popular game for YouTubers, and Streamers have a quick thrill element.

This themed flip of a coin may be specific to CS2; however, the aspect of flipping a coin for a decision or gamble has been around for years.


A staple of traditional gambling and also at CS2 casino sites is blackjack. Blackjack can have a high return rate if you know what you are doing. This is why it has become such a classic gambling option. Blackjack is up there with Roulette in regards to its popularity as a betting option; it can also be found in essentially every casino.

CSGO Crash

One of the most popular options at a CS2 casino is CSGO Crash. This is possibly one of the easiest forms of CS2 based gambling. After making a bet, you will be locked in with the option to cash out at any point. The multiplier will continue to increase; whatever amount you cash out at, you will then receive back multiplied by whatever number the multiplier had reached.

It can sound a little bit confusing, so here is an example. If you bet $20 and cashed out when the multiplier had reached x5, then you will win $100. It’s rather simple, but can be unpredictable, which adds to the risk and fun.

CSGO Jackpot

Unfortunately, the CSGO Jackpot game has dropped in popularity, largely due to the large increase of newer games being introduced. However, you can still find CS2 casino sites to play this once popular game.

The Jackpot game is a great way for players to bet with their in-game skins, instead of their real cash. So whilst there is still a risk of losing valuable skins, you do not need to deposit with real money.

Players select the skins they want to wager and are provided with the probability of winning the rounds. The winner is picked at random, meaning if you have the winning ticket, you take home everything in the jackpot.

Slot Games

They are not as high up the rankings as the previously mentioned games, but they can still be found. The traditional slot game is one of the most simple to understand and play. The CSGO Slot Games are essentially the traditional game, but just get a CS2 theme thrown over the top.

Slot games still tend to be more preferred in classic casinos, think of any movie based in Las Vegas. However, it is likely they will grow in popularity.

CSGO Live Casino

We believe that the CS2 Live Casino counts as an entirely new element to the casino sites with CSGO Gambling. It can be fun playing your favorite casino games, but there is a way to take everything to the next level. A CS2 Live Casino is the way to do this.

The Live Casino aspect is a fairly new feature for these betting platforms. Do not expect to find this at every CS2 casino site; however, with how successful they have been, we imagine they will continue to rise in popularity and be offered with a wide range of providers.

This will allow players to go from just clicking on a screen, to engaging with a live wheel through a video link. It could be a huge step forward for esports and video game based gambling.

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CS2 Esports Betting

Almost all good CS2 casino sites will offer a form of match betting as well. CSGO match betting features esports matches on the professional and semi-professional level. The range and depth of games covered are fully dependent on the platform. There are some that cover each and every CS2 match across the world, whilst some only feature the major events.

Esports gambling, in general, has risen to a great stature of popularity recently and is only continuing to grow. There are dedicated esports betting sites, but more and more casinos are featuring match betting. This offers the perfect way for players to easily switch between the casino games and match betting through a simple navigation tool on the respective casino platform.

CSGO Casino Codes

We weren’t going to let you leave without a little treat. Below are some of the best CS2 Casino codes available to help you on your way. Each code has a unique offer to take advantage of.

All casinos featured have been researched by our team to ensure they are both safe and reliable for users. We also only feature companies and casinos that meet all legal requirements, so that you have nothing to worry about.

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