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csgoroll reviw 2023
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Disclaimer: CSGORoll did not accept users from Sweden, Denmark and Australia.


  • Weekly giveaways and special offers
  • Active social media presence
  • Wide selection of CS:GO skins
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  • Cashback up to 10%
  • Free daily rewards
  • Partner program available

  • Chance to win CSGO skins
  • Competitive and exciting PvP matches
  • Regular updates and news notifications
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  • Diverse and interactive event formats
  • 0% fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Regular updates and new event releases

  • Convenient integration with Steam accounts
  • Multilingual support and international accessibility
  • Fast and convenient deposit/withdrawal process

  • Virtual item trading marketplace
  • Advanced game tech and fintech features
  • Secure transactions on the blockchain
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  • Big welcome bonus package
  • Well-optimized mobile version
  • No limit on how much you can deposit or withdraw – In a Nutshell is one of the oldest gambling sites available in the market. It has been a part of the esports industry from 2016 until the present despite the many competitors. But if this does not sound assuring, worry not because this article will give you an in-depth review of the CSGORoll site’s nooks and crannies. I will discuss both the viewpoint as a gamer and also the casino site as a whole.

And of course, this review will not be complete without sharing with you some bonuses and rewards that you might win in their system. So, if you are interested, continue reading and uncover CSGORoll betting in the flesh.

csgoroll main

Overall Rating

Overall Rating4.8/5
Games and Software Design5/5
Customer Support4.6/5
Provably Fair Section4.8/5
Bonuses and Rewards4.7/5

As an individual player and reviewer, an unbiased overall rating for deserves a 4.5 out of 5. Since the recent general refurbishing of the site, their games and software design is superb with a perfect 5. Its countless bonuses and promotions are another deserving of a perfect score because there are just a lot of them, starting from daily free cases, weekly calendar, promo codes, and affiliates reward system.

The customer support is also at its peak with a score of 4 because compared to other sites, they also offer a 24/7 live on-site chat aside from their support email that will reply within the first 48 hours of your query. Finally, they have a provably fair section, which explains why CSGORoll good site deserves a score of 4.


CSGORoll is one type of gambling site that uses skins or items to bet in their system. They have been rendering quality service to the Counter-Strike Community since its establishment in 2016, which proves why CSGORoll legit. Like almost all other CS2 betting sites, their users deposit skin in exchange for gaining coins to bet on its offered games. Coins that are from your winnings can also be used to buy skins or withdrawn.

For CSGORoll legal services, they made a provably fair system in each of their offered games. Their 750,000 visits per month are proof that they have good traffic and can relate to its reliability. A lot of high-rank players are also present in their chat window, which means their players always come back for more fun.

Csgoroll Bonus, Referral Codes, and Promotions

This is the most exciting part of this review. It is the holy grail of any player. And of course, this site will not disappoint you with a welcome bonus upon registration. The process is effortless, and if you are lucky, it could be amazing.

After your CSGORoll registration, they have daily free cases for consistent players on their site. As you play games, your account is also leveling up, giving you the chance to open rewards upon reaching levels 2, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.

A new add-on to their rewards system is its weekly calendar. This increases your chance of winning a $10,000 weekly giveaway through jackpot tickets by opening daily designated boxes. The system gives you a chance to receive 5-10 tickets per open if you have deposited within the last 7 days. But if you have not, you still have a 10% chance of receiving one ticket per day. And more tickets mean more chances of winning their 10k worth pool of items.

They also offer an affiliate system where you can set-up your referral code to reward your friends with three free cases each. All you need to do is send your code and earn up to 50% of your affiliate’s commission.

For most casino sites, chatting may only be a means of communication. However, CSGORoll has a chat bonus that gives you a chance to win freebies if you happen to encounter offers given by the team or individual member. There are corner distributions that give CSGORoll promo codes randomly. But if you ask for free CSGORoll codes at the chat section, your permission to chat could be temporarily removed because this act is strictly prohibited.

CSGORoll site invites you to participate in their organized giveaway events through the “GIVEAWAY” section under your personal space. It is free to participate. And if you get lucky, you have the chance to win awesome skins with good value.

CSGORoll promo codes are also available to every CSGORoll reviews you visit. All you need to do is look for safe sites, enter the CSGORoll code given and claim your rewards.

Games Offered

Offer Activated
Offer Activated
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Disclaimer: CSGORoll did not accept users from Sweden, Denmark and Australia.


csgoroll roll

This game resembles a roulette wheel that is a little different from a traditional roulette wheel found in a classic online casino but is very present in the world of CSGO betting. This one has 15 numbers. Green has the number 0, red got 1 to 7, and the numbers from 8 to 14 are black. Your winning bets on black or red pay you twice your bet while green pays you 14 times.


csgoroll crash

This is a fairly popular game. The multiplier starts at one and increases until it crashes or stops. Everyone in the game will try to cash in the highest multiplier before it ends. The game is played through playing against a rising multiplier, which will ‘crash’ out or stop at a random time, determined by an algorithm. You also have an option to place a live bet and have full control to stop at any time or set a fixed multiplier that will stop at the number you provided, unless it crashes in the set round or earlier. This fixed multiplier gives you the chance to place as many bets as you want.


csgoroll unboxing

CSGORoll good unboxing game lets you buy boxes of different values that allow you to obtain CS2 skins. And yes, the number of the skins in the boxes also increases depending on the price of the box.


csgoroll dice

A game mode in which a player places a bet on a greater or less number than the one specified by players. All you have to do is roll the dice either over or under to increase or decrease the multiplier. This will adjust your chance of winning or guessing the number.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods has a deposit page that holds a wide range of options. Its minimum deposit is $70 that is equivalent to 100 coins. You can use credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. And aside from that, you can also deposit your skins from your CS2 account.

CSGORoll deposit

The skins you got through winnings go directly to your used inventory. You can redeem them for the actual skin straight into your Steam account by clicking the ‘withdraw’ button. Items that do not have a withdrawal button means they are not in stock. If the item is in stock, you can get it in an instant or have a waiting time of up to a maximum of 7 days. Since not all skins are in their inventory to withdraw, items that are not in stock but are requested for withdrawal are still to be outsourced. So, if once requested, players have to wait longer to receive it in their own inventory.

This waiting process can take between 8-30 days to get to you. But, if you don’t want to wait so long, you can always swap your winnings for skins of the same value. And if the skin is lesser than your winnings, they also pay you back the difference in coins. There is also an option to sell back the skins you have won for coins if that is what you prefer. Because if you are a real gamer, playing with and winning skins is more entertaining than just playing with coins all the time. And that seeing the nice item in your inventory and playing to win a Dragon Lore is always a lot more fun.


This site is made for CS2 players, and there is no other reason you would like to play here unless you actively play Counter-Strike. The reason is simple, and there is no point spending time somewhere you don’t belong to waste money and time. With its thousand available reviews on the Steam Community, Reddit, TrustPilot, and by experiencing it first-hand to have this review, I can say that CSGORoll is a completely legit and fair skin gambling platform.

The only downside it has is not having a CSGORoll app for mobile phones. However, I also recommend that you should understand the games before playing as it will improve your chances of winning. Overall, CSGORoll is a good skin gambling/CS2 Casino and case opening platform.

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