How to Sell CS2/CSGO Skins

how to sell skins cs2 2023

Counter-Strike 2 is the best First-Person Shooter game ever created, and because of its popularity and massive hit worldwide, it created jobs and other game platforms like buying CS2 skins and selling and even betting.

The CS2 buy and sell community has been one of the best platforms to earn money. One of the significant reasons why is the items’ price never decreases. And the number of skins CS2 has is massive, as it allows players and online markets to earn more money.

However, selling CS2 skins is a difficult thing to do. There’s no hundred percent guarantee if you will be able to sell your items even at reasonable prices because of the competitiveness from the sellers online.

This article will guide you on how to sell skins on CS2, where to sell CS2 skins, and what are the best websites to sell CS2 skins.

Where to Sell CS2 Skins


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There are many markets where you can sell CS2 skins for cash online and earn a lot of money. It is notable the best market to sell your CS2 Skins is through Steam Community Market, as there is no way you will get scammed by buyers. However, with a lot of competition in the Steam Community Market, others prefer to do it through a third-party marketplace, wherein you must at least have connections on the site for you to at least make profits.

Because if you are starting on selling CS2 skins, the tendency is you have to make CS2 skins for sale to have buyers. In that way, you will earn recognition from potential buyers, and they might recommend you to their friends.

Once you have successfully sold a bunch of CS2 skins, this way, you will earn less, but at least you have progress. And in this case, you will gain more potential buyers because of the lower prices you have.

Best Website to Sell CS2 Skins

Steam Community Market

One of the best ways to sell your items is through selling CS2 skins on Steam, and this is the safest procedure you can do not just to protect your items but also your privacy. And the Steam Community Market is the largest market you will find on the web. So, here are easy steps on selling CS2 skins:

Before anything else, it is advisable not to post your Steam ID or Steam Trade URL name publicly on any social media accounts of yours or in any public listing comments. One of the best things to do is to message the buyer privately after the item is sold. It is also essential to have an active Steam Wallet for you to receive the money directly from the buyer.

  1. To sell Skins on the Steam Community Market, you need to go to the Community Market page;
  2. Once you have clicked the page, you will see at the top right side a button that says ‘Sell an Item’;
  3. Once you have clicked the ‘Sell an Item’ button, it will directly popup your inventory, wherein it will ask you of an item you wish to sell;
  4. Choose the item you want to sell, and also the details of the item will be displayed at the right corner;
  5. Once you have already chosen an item to sell, below the item details, there’s a button indicating ‘Sell’;
  6. Once you have clicked the ‘Sell’ button, it will automatically go to another page wherein you will be able to set the price you want to sell your item for;
  7. And once you have typed your price in the ‘You received’ box, it will directly calculate the Steam fees in the ‘Buyer Pays’ box, which then be the final sale price of your item;
  8. You must then check the ‘I agree to the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement’ and click the ‘Ok, put it up to sale’ button. Once you have done putting it up to a sale, the item will be automatically locked and can’t be used in your in-game activities;
  9. You must now click the ‘Ok’ button at the lower right of the page, and your item will be automatically listed on the Steam Community Market;
  10. The page will then again put you back on your inventory page, where you will see the confirmation message of your item listing;
  11. If you want to check the skins or items you have listed for selling, you can always check it in the ‘My Active Listings Tab’ where the whole information will be displayed;
  12. You can anytime cancel your listing by clicking the ‘remove’ button on the right side of the page;
  13. Lastly, once you already sold your item, you will automatically receive an email from Steam to inform you that the money you have earned is already added to your Steam Wallet.

Other Website To Sell CS2 Skins


One of the popular platforms to sell CS2 skins instantly and earn cash is through SkinWallet. Skinwallet creates an environment where you can earn real cash in just five minutes and cash your funds legitimately through your PayPal Account.

It is the most advanced and sophisticated trading platform in the gaming industry right now. While you are earning money through selling your skins, it also allows you to pay for gaming keys and other game products from your preferred steam games.

Reasons why you should choose SkinWallet:

  1. Instant Payments
  2. op-notch privacy
  3. Accurate Payments
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