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If you think of the most famous esports in the world, a few names come to mind. But there is no way among those names you don’t include probably the most popular first-person shooter of all times: Counter-Strike. CS2 has been on the scene for more than 8 years now and has been a pillar of competitive esports since then.

Of course, it didn’t take much until the betting scene caught up, and now there is most certainly no big gambling operator that doesn’t have CS2 markets on offer. If you’re interested in knowing more about the game and where and how you can bet on it, then this guide is for you. You’ll get to know the basics of this game title and all the details regarding betting on CS2.

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How To Play CS2

If you have no knowledge about the game whatsoever, tune into a pro match on Twitch, and, despite feeling a bit lost at first, you’ll see how it’s actually not so complicated. CS2 is a First Person Shooter (FPS) developed and published by Valve in 2012.

The game is played by two times of 5 players each, the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Each player has a specific role, but the general goal is, for Terrorists, to plant and detonate a bomb, for Counter-Terrorists, of course, to stop them from doing it. Alternatively, you can also kill the enemy team and grab a win that way. Let’s see more in detail how a pro match is played, which is what you must know in order to place great bets.

Competitive matches are usually played in bo3 formats or, alternatively, on some occasions, in bo5. Each match is made of 30 rounds, and the match win goes to the team who reaches 16 round wins first. After 15 rounds, teams switch sides. So, how does a team win a round? We already touched on it a little, but it is a bit more complex than that.

  • Terrorists. Their goal is to plant a bomb in a safe space. But of course, that’s not all: the bomb has to detonate before the terrorists can claim a win. During the time that goes from the planting of the bomb until its detonation, Terrorists have to defend it to make sure, not Counter-Terrorist tries to defuse it. They can either defend and hope the enemy doesn’t kill them all or go out and kill them first.

In fact, contrary to other FPS titles, once a player dies in a round, then they are dead until the end of such round.

  • Counter-Terrorists. Now that you know in-depth the role of Terrorists, it’s clear how Counter-Terrorists “just” have to do the contrary of what we said above: prevent Terrorists from planting the bomb by killing them before they manage to do so or defusing the bomb if it has already been planted.

CS2 Betting Sites

Now that you know how the game is played, and therefore have the necessary knowledge to start following some professional games, it’s time to talk about the best gambling operators for CS2 betting on real money.


Unikrn main page

Unikrn is a betting site that is quickly becoming a leader in the esports gambling scene. It attracts new customers daily because of their interesting features and good reputation. For example, they have a welcome bonus for all those who register that grants them a 300% matched deposit bonus, up to a maximum of €450 or equivalent. Almost no other CS2 bookmaker has such an offer in store for newcomers.

Unikrn odds are very competitive and, when it comes specifically to CS2 betting, the website provides its users with a wide range of market options. But that is not all! What makes Unikrn especially unique is their new feature UMode. The deal with it is that, instead of betting on CS2 teams and players, you bet real money on yourself. Ever wanted to push yourself and see how good you can be? Then you have to try UMode. It’s very simple: choose a certain goal in the game of your choice, in this case, CS2. When and if you are able to achieve such a goal, then you win the bet. Of course, the more difficult the goal you choose is, the higher the odds and so the more money you will receive (and vice-versa).

What bettors also appreciate about Unikrn is the broad list of payment methods they can safely use. The only drawback is that you can bet with real money on the website only if you’re from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. If you are from any other country, you’ll be forced to use Unikrn’s own cryptocurrency, Unikoingold (UKG), or any other virtual currency.


GGbet main page

If you follow competitive CS2, then you probably have already heard of GGBet. It is one of the bookmakers most involved in the pro scene and sponsors, even nowadays, a series of tournaments as well as teams. Their involvement into the growing of the scene is remarkable, and one of the main aspects punters like about GGBet. Anyway, the website is very respectable on its own and overall a good choice when it comes to CS2 gambling.

Alongside the wide range of CS2 esports markets and a 100% deposit bonus for new users that deposit at least €10, what is particularly important to remark is that GGBet is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and is doing everything possible to gain a reputation of trustworthiness and safety. You can always check by yourself their FAQ section, as well as directly contact the customer support to solve any inquiry you may have.

As every top betting operator, all major payment methods are accepted: credit and debit cards, Neteller, and Skrill are just a few examples.


Betway main page

There is nothing more traditional than betting with real money, and tradition goes very well with Betway. It is among the best operators in both sports and esports and is definitely one of the biggest bookmakers with more than 2 million customers worldwide. What made Betway website so popular and appreciated?

Professionalism, great CS2 odds, boosted on special circumstances, with the possibility to choose your favorite format (decimal, fractional or American) and a huge variety of markets. Moreover, Betway has been proving since its foundation that they are a very legal and serious business with multiple gaming licenses acquired during the years.

Users can also enjoy the perks of a mobile app as well as dedicated customer support and are granted exciting bonuses and special events consistently. For example, the Betway welcome bonus consists of free bets up to €30.


luckbox main page

Rated among the best CS2 betting sites on different platforms, Luckbox can still grow on a lot of aspects and become even better than what it is now. The website is perfect for newbies or, in general, those who still have to learn well the ways of esports betting because it isn’t a big bookmaker with too many features and options to keep count of.

The site looks very professional and organized. If you register, you receive a welcome bonus consisting of a 100% deposit match up to €100, but that is not the last promotion you’ll receive. Luckbox also allows betting amounts as low as €5 or equivalent and offers risk-free betting for CS2 and other titles.

When WWE talk of betting markets, Luckbox is the king: more than 20 markets available to make everything much more exciting. Pair this with a wide range of payment options available, add the proven safety of Luckbox, and you get a great option for CS2 betting with real money.


There you have it, some good options to start making your way into betting with real money on CS2. Make sure to compare odds between sites, watch a lot of games or play yourself to understand how the game works and who to bet on. After that, register and start betting on the teams and players you think have the upper hand. Of course, remember to have fun because, after all, that is what truly matters.

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