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Farmskins And The World Of CS2 Skins Betting


  • Weekly giveaways and special offers
  • Active social media presence
  • Wide selection of CS:GO skins
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  • Cashback up to 10%
  • Free daily rewards
  • Partner program available

  • Chance to win CSGO skins
  • Competitive and exciting PvP matches
  • Regular updates and news notifications
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  • Diverse and interactive event formats
  • 0% fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Regular updates and new event releases

  • Convenient integration with Steam accounts
  • Multilingual support and international accessibility
  • Fast and convenient deposit/withdrawal process

  • Virtual item trading marketplace
  • Advanced game tech and fintech features
  • Secure transactions on the blockchain
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  • Big welcome bonus package
  • Well-optimized mobile version
  • No limit on how much you can deposit or withdraw

Farmskins In A Nutshell

The site has been operating for several years now, and it’s widely recognized as one of the most popular in the field. However, several complaints about their legitimacy and trustworthiness have been cast on the betting website; therefore, we thoroughly analyzed every major aspect to understand if they really are a safe place to bet.

They offer a wide range of deposit options: debit and credit cards, G2APay, Alipay, PayPal as well as for cryptocurrencies. If you want to deposit skins to trade them for site credits, that’s available too.

Using this betting site, you can only withdraw skins, and sometimes they are not instantly available, as it could take up to 24 hours to withdraw some of the rare ones. Plus, a $4 deposit minimum is required before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings. Despite this, Farmskins offers balanced cases with a large variety of items.

As mentioned before, there have been several complaints about the safeness of the operator, contrasted by the claims of bettors and of Farmskins themselves, confirming the legitimacy of the service. For more details, we dedicated a whole section to the matter below.

Farmskins Rating

Bonuses and promotions 4.5
Games offered 4
Deposit and withdrawal options 4
Customer support 4
Security 4.5
Overall 4.2 / 5

Bonuses And Promotions

As soon as you open the Farmskins betting website, you are greeted with a few options accessible to you at the top. Among these, you’ll see giveaways and daily bonus features. The way they work is easy.

  • Giveaways. Every day, new skin is displayed on their giveaway page, alongside a countdown showing how much time is left before the event ends.
    To be eligible to win such skin, all you have to do is open cases with the “GIVEAWAY” mark on them. You get points for each case. Each cent of the value of the case is equal to one point. Each point gives you one entry in the giveaway. Once the giveaway ends, the system will randomly select one entry from the total.
    You can easily check the sum of the points of all participants, your chances to win, and your points from the giveaway page itself, alongside the current leaderboard.
  • Daily bonuses. These consist of additional balance prizes, cases, skins, and coins.
    A daily bonus case is available for 7 days on a free level and 30 days on any other level. If you want to increase your level, do so by adding funds to your balance. This also increases your chances to get bigger prizes. Remember, after 30 days, your daily bonus level will be reset.
    It seems great on paper, but we have to warn you that you need to deposit at least $20 to be eligible for this or, alternatively, add the website’s URL name to your Steam profile. Several complaints have been made about this because, in the end, the bonus seems to be no bonus at all.

In addition, you can also look around for a Farmskins promo code. There are many available online, and to use them, all you need to do is sign up on the Farmskins betting website, click on “Add Funds” in the top right corner and enter the Farmskins code you found on the internet.

Farmskins daily bonus

Special Features

An interesting feature about Farmskins was their involvement in the tier 2/3 CS2 competitive scene. They organized a few tournaments for aspiring pro players in 2017 and 2018, and even recently in 2024 with their Farmskins Streamer Masters tournament.

Although there is no Farmskins app available, the mobile version of the Farmskins betting site is pretty clean and easy to use. The experience provided on smartphones and tablets is overall very good and not very different from the PC one.

A cool feature offered by Farmskins is the possibility to check some of the most important statistics right at the top of their main page. On their website, there are also several types of features customers can use to spice up their bets, such as Case Battles, Contracts, and Upgrades.

Games Offered

Unfortunately, Farmskins only works in the field of CS2 skins and case openings. Even though the latter is limited to CS2 only, skins are extremely popular in other games as well. Dota 2 is probably the most popular of them, a game also developed by Valve. They don’t offer any casino games, either.

The betting website decided to dedicate their service to CS2 entirely. While this gives them an advantage, as more focus on just one game means better dedication from the staff and possibilities for the players, a wider variety of games offered would surely rank this betting site higher as it would translate to more possibilities and potential new customers.

Location And Age Restrictions

Being an online gambling operator, Farmskins doesn’t accept customers under the legal age of 18, regardless of parental consent or country of origin.

Speaking of countries, the betting site has strict limitations and prohibits individuals from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark to use their service. If you want more information, everything is explained in their Terms and Conditions available from the homepage of the website, at the bottom.

Farmskins Registration

Since every CS2 case opening and skin betting site has to be linked to Valve, the game developer, to register on Farmskins, you have to have a Steam account, as your winning will be deposited in your “Trade offers” section under the “Inventory” accessible from your profile page.

The way it works is very simple: as soon as you visit the Farmskins site (, you’ll notice, at the top, a green button. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Steam sign in. Enter your Steam credentials and read carefully the information about your data and how it is shared with Farmskins. Afterward, provide the site with your Trade Offer URL, and you are ready to start opening some chests and receiving skins.

Farmskins registration

Deposit Methods

Farmskins accepts mainly two methods for depositing your money: G2A Pay or Skin2Pay, both very common on CS2 trading or case opening sites. However, they also accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and more. Bear in mind the minimum amount you are allowed to deposit is $4. There can be delays in the refillment of your balance, but those are normal, and usually, it will take from 5 to 30 minutes from the time you made the deposit for the transaction to be completed.

Privacy And Security

At Farmskins, they guarantee their trustworthiness by declaring their long time presence in the scene and their availability in almost all countries worldwide.

They also reassure customers by being active on their social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as their involvement in the CS2 competitive scene proven by the tournaments they organized.

At the time of writing, more than 60 million, which proves it to be a pretty trusted betting website. The Trustpilot review averages 3 stars, counting with mixed reviews. Overall, after several tests and checks, we feel safe to say that Farmskins is legal and overall one of the best sites in terms of security when it comes to CS2 case betting.

Customer Support

Good Farmskins reviews will pay a lot of attention to this aspect. Unfortunately, Farmskins doesn’t score very high in this department. They do have a FAQ option, which we found quite detailed in almost all aspects. Apart from it, however, they only offer an email address for any problem you may have. The absence of a live chat option, even though the site is moderately big, makes it a huge disadvantage compared to other betting websites.

Despite this, we have to mention that they do care about their social media presence and are active on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore if an email is not enough, you can always try to contact them there.

Final Verdict

Betting on CS2 cases and skins is not a traditional way of gambling and still growing. That’s why some features on Farmskins are still to be developed fully. The mobile experience, the variety of games offered, and customer supports are some aspects in which Farmskins could improve in the future.

Nonetheless, the website offers a good service for your CS2 skin trade and is among the most reliable when it comes to case opening and item betting. Their odds are overall better than those offered by Gaben himself, and their prices are convenient. Numerous giveaways and promotions and their involvement in the competitive scene are two great positives added to the decent experience provided by Farmskins.

Farmskins case battle


How To Register On Farmskins?

The process is simple. You need to have a Steam account. Go to and click on the green button at the top. Enter your Steam credentials. Then enter your Trade Offer URL –it can be found on your Steam profile– and you’re set up.

Is Farmskins Legit?

Although there is no official license, as case gambling sites work differently from normal betting sites, there are a few indicators that can confirm Farmskins’ safety. They have been operating since 2016, get a high number of visitors every day and numerous dedicated users. They are active on a few social media platforms and especially invested in the CSGO pro scene.

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