How to Become A Pro CS2 Player: An Overview

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a tactical shooter that focuses on teamwork, tactics, and gunplay rather than individual combat. Recognizing and holding angles, deploying grenades strategically, and properly communicating with your squad are all key to defeating opposing side enemies in CS2. Managing one’s economics and teamwork are essential for winning a game.

Although the game was published in 2012, the Counter-Strike series, as well as its competitive scene, has been around since 1999. The competitive scene has developed from modest tournaments in conference rooms to global competitions in sold-out venues since the debut of CS2, the awards have risen from a few hundred dollars or a keyboard to tens of thousands of dollars or more in value. Pro players represent huge Esports organizations with global reach and earn significant salaries on top of prize prizes.

CS2 has steadily grown its player population over the years, thanks to the popularity of its Esports scene and its transition to a free-to-play model in late 2018. In April 2020, peak players and monthly averages reached all-time highs, with 857,605 average players and a peak of 1,305,714. And with monthly averages over 700,000 for most of the year and a peak of at least 1 million participants at least once a month, this success has extended into 2021.

Moreover, with its constant hype and growing popularity, the game gave hope to those high-ranked players to improve and become pro-CS2 players. Thus, a lot of players from across the world are trying to have a spot or being scouted by any team, even it is a tier 2 or tier 3. Also, one of the reasons why some gamers want to become professionals is because they believe that not only in CS2 but in most Esports games that becoming a pro player is a professional job and could provide food on the plate for their families.

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CS2 Tips on Becoming A Pro Player

If you’re a casual player who is deciding on becoming a professional CS2 Esport player and wanting to achieve greater heights in the scene or becoming one of the well-known content creators, then here are some CS2 pro tips to take:

Step 1. Improve Your Gameplay from Time to Time

Counter strike has been one of the most difficult esport games to master because as the game develops from time to time, the game patch also changes. Also, a lot of new players are coming into the game with such high commendable skills, which makes CS2 more competitive to play. Thus, it is significant to improve your gameplay with every patch to be able to play competitively with other players while also reaching higher ranks.

Efficiency and practice are two of the keys to improving your gameplay. With this, you will find your weaknesses and know how to overcome them. Your strengths will also be determined as to how you improve from one match to another as you will also encounter players who have a high caliber mindset in the game – which can be your inspiration in the future.

Step 2. Add More Time in Your Games

One of the reasons why pro players always have the advantage over casual players is because of their dedication to the game as they play more than 8 hours and 20 games in a single day to improve and strategize for LAN or online upcoming CS2 events or tournaments.

And if you are willing to become a pro CS2 player, you must add more time to your games to develop your skills and talents. Also, this is one of the ways to improve your KDA and be better against other players who are also aiming to become a pro.

Step 3. Adjust Your Game Settings if Necessary

One of the Counter Strike tips that we can help you with is adjusting your game setting if necessary. As for most players, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s “vanilla” state is a great place to start. However, as you go through the game, some features may become unsettling: perhaps the mouse settings in CS2 create additional hurdles, the crosshair is not the proper color and size, or the computer performance prevents you from reaching your full potential.

Many of these issues can be resolved by using the game’s settings menu, startup options, or console commands to resolve them. To learn more, watch some YouTube tutorials or other website links that change their settings, but don’t get too bogged down in changing your preferences for too long. When playing the game, the ultimate purpose of this process is to find your optimum condition rather than constantly changing.

Step 4. Follow and Look Up Professional Players

Professional CS2 players have a lot on their sleeves as most of them have different skills and talents in winning a game. And any professional player like s1mple of team Natus Vincere is one of the considered OG’s in the game because of its clutch highlights from different tournaments.

Watching professional esport tournaments from various players or organizations, you will get tricks and how-to in winning your games. Also, try not to follow one team or one player, watch different matches to have an understanding of various playing styles. More so, try to listen to comments and follow after-match analytics to make sure you don’t miss anything important and to remember the best moments – they can provide excellent CS2 advice.

Step 5. Establish Social Media Platforms

The world of Esports has shaped social media platforms. Professional Esports players and organizations, especially those who are in the CS2 scene, have developed and boosted social media platforms to provide updates and game highlights of their past tournaments, roster changes, fanbase group pages, etc.

And becoming a pro CS2 player is to establish yourself on a social media platform where you would need to follow pro players and their organization to know what’s happening on the scene. Also, this will help you post your highlights, thoughts, or comments on the game patch, roster changes, tournaments’ analysis, and more. These social media platforms will also allow people from different parts of the world to follow and boost your content or game highlights through liking, sharing, or even posting it to other platforms like Reddit or YouTube.


Step 6. Stream and Upload Your Games

One of the main reasons why CS2 popularity is still on top in the most played esports games for years is because of the number of people who watch streams of their favorite pro CS2 players or teams. With this, you can also try to stream and upload your games via YouTube or Twitch to allow other people to see how you play and win games. And you will never know your videos may be the reason why you will be scouted by tier 2 or 3 organizations.

The goal is to make a living in esports, not become a streamer. You may divert yourself from the process if you make comments to spectators about the game. Make a stream schedule and stick to it. Also, you must appear elegant in front of the camera as well as your character should seem nice in virtual reality. Using the most stunning cosmetic goods, you can create a wow appearance that will impress your audience.

Step 7. Invest and Earn in CS2

In becoming a future pro player for CS2, you must also invest not only in the game but also in your gaming equipment like having a good personal computer, mic, camera, and any other peripherals in making content or for streaming.

Everything comes with a price, which means investing in equipment and time dedication in the game is costly, but if it will help you earn sponsorships from different companies, institutions, and organizations, it is a win-win situation. And once you have support from them, you will receive a significant amount to maintain or even upgrade your gaming or streaming equipment.

Step 8. Find a Team and a Coach

Tournaments can’t be won by a single player. You must play with the same teammates from time to time to create considerable communication and bring various strategies into battles where everyone is in their place and knows what to do. CS2 is not a game that can be played solo. Although your team may change in the future, you will gain valuable experience as a team member.

Find a coach/coaches/analyst for your team as well. You know, those who stick behind players during esports tournaments aren’t for nothing. The team and games are viewed from the outside, and the coaches coordinate players, give advice and guide their teammates to victory. A coach’s role is critical to the success of any team. A professional coach knows for sure how to become a pro gamer.

Step 9. Develop a Healthy Personality

Having a healthy and non-toxic personality will always bring victories and blessings on becoming a pro CS2 player. Allow your mind and body to relax regularly between playing sessions. To be in peak physical condition during matches, get enough sleep. To be a good role model for your future followers, eat healthy meals and exercise regularly.

Also, take care of your mental well-being. In the professional esports sector, burnout is a well-known issue. Find a hobby, take a stroll in the park, or engage in family affairs for a while. Life is not all about CS2. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, your physical and mental fitness make you considerably more efficient.

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