ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2023 Overview

The fourth and final match in the Challenger series under ESL is the ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2023. The ESL Challenger 48 was the first to start, then came the ESL Challenger Valencia and ESL Challenger Melbourne.

With their participation in the ESL Pro Tour, aspiring teams can further cement their standing in CS:GO by using ESL Challenger as the premier venue to demonstrate that they are world-class teams. Below are the details about the date, location, and prize pool for the ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2023.


October 14-16, 2023


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Prize Money Distribution

RankUSD Distribution
3rd and 4th$10,000
5th and 6th$3,000
7th and 8th$2,000


Group Stage

  • Two double-elimination formats (GSL) Groups. The opening matches feature two pairs of competitors made up of the group’s four members competing against one another. The winners of these two matches will then face each other in the Playoffs.
  • Opening & Winners’ matches are Bo1
  • Elimination & Decider matches are Bo3
ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2023


  • Opening Matches Bo1 (all on day one)
  • Winner’s Matches Bo1 (all on day one)
  • Group A Elimination Match (day one)
  • Playoff games and remaining group stage games Bo3 (day two) Playoff games and remaining group stage games Bo3 (day two)
  • Top 4 teams qualify for Playoffs (day three)


  • Single-Elimination bracket
  • All matches are Bo3
  • The winner will qualify for the ESL Pro League

Closed Qualifier

  • 4 Team Double Elimination (EU)
  • 4 Team Double Elimination (NA)
  • 4 Team Double Elimination (AS)
  • 4 Team Double Elimination (SA)
  • All other Matches Bo3
  • 4 Teams advanced to the Group Stage



After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Virtus. pro developed the Russian tag “Outsiders.” The Outsider’s title was developed as a neutral label for the team due to’s ownership group having ties to organizations and people that the American and European governments have sanctioned.

  • 1 Qikert
  • 2 Jame
  • 3 FL1T
  • 4 n0rb3r7
  • 5 fame
  • C dastan


This German team was formerly referred to as mousesports. On February 4, 2012, mousesports officially announced the formation of their League of Legends team. Mousesports supports players and teams for several video games, including StarCraft 2, CounterStrike: Source, CounterStrike Global Offensive, DotA2, FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Trackmania in addition to a League of Legends team.

  • 1 frozen
  • 2 dexter
  • 3 torzsi
  • 4 JDC
  • 5 xertioN
  • C sycrone

Movistar Riders

One of the top esports teams in Spain is Movistar Riders, which competes in the most well-known games including League of Legends, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Clash Royale, FIFA, Hearthstone, and Rainbow Six Siege. with eight professional teams and around 70 members. Players compete in numerous national and international competitions as the Movistar Riders brand.

The Club is based in Madrid, and the Movistar eSports Center in Matadero Madrid serves as its corporate headquarters. a high-performance facility where athletes and coaching staff can improve their everyday performance and access the resources they need. The company allegedly planned to enter the EU LCS as part of the 2019 European franchise scheme 2018. Later, it was revealed that Riot Games had not been chosen as a long-term partner due to failed negotiations.

  • 1 mopoz
  • 2 ALEX
  • 3 DeathZz
  • 4 dav1g
  • 5 Martinez
  • C bladE


To professionalize the Finnish esports scene, ENCE was first established in 2013. Their goal has always been to develop a successful culture and the ability to tell success tales. They have also worked to make it possible for a vocal fandom to be heard and participate in everything ENCE does as esports have moved closer to the mainstream in recent years. 

ENCE is run by the most renowned Finnish esports pioneers and technology experts, combining decades of experience in the esports industry. ENCE is currently the best known, most followed, and by far the most successful esports brand in Finland. Their motto is “Create for the community. Created by the community.”

  • 1 Snappi
  • 2 dycha
  • 3 maden
  • 4 SunPayus
  • 5 valde
  • C sAw
ESL Challenger Rotterdam

Eternal Fire

Smailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş and Zgür “woxic” Eker co-founded and serve as the executive directors of the Turkish player-owned esports organization known as Eternal Fire.

  • 2 woxic
  • 3 imoRR
  • 4 MAJ3R
  • 5 paz
  • C hardstyle

Team oNe

This Brazilian esports organization Team oNe was established in 2004 and is now competing in the North American qualifier. In December 2015, they made their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive debut, and they now have a Brazilian lineup stationed in the US.

  • 1 Maluk3
  • 2 pesadelo
  • 3 trk
  • 4 iDk
  • 5 malbsMd
  • CLokomotioN


This South African professional esports group Nixuh is known as the South African Qualifier Winner.

  • 1 blackpoisoN
  • 2 adM
  • 3 kanii
  • 4 Triton
  • 5 Sonic


This Brazilian professional esports organization Fluxo, a South American qualifier, was established in January 2021 by Bruno “Nobru” Goes and Lucio “Cerol” dos Santos.

  • 1 felps
  • 2 Lucaozy
  • 3 lux
  • 4 v$m
  • 5 WOOD7
  • C Xamp

ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2023 Background

The German esports organizer and production company ESL Gaming GmbH, doing business as ESL (formerly known as Electronic Sports League), organizes video game events throughout the world. The biggest and oldest still in business esports organization in the world in 2015 was ESL. ESL has eleven offices and numerous international TV studios worldwide, with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The biggest esports organization to broadcast on Twitch is ESL.

One of the most important professional esports leagues, the ESL Pro League is regarded as the world’s top CS:GO. The Electronic Sports League (ESL) and the E-Sports Entertainment Association League collaborated to launch the ESL Pro League (ESEA).

All ESL competitions are connected by the open ecosystem known as the ESL Pro Tour. To progress through the system and eventually earn the title of “Champions,” teams compete within the EPT. The Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice and Cologne offer this possibility twice a year.

Tour Structure

There are three levels of competition on the ESL Pro Tour.

The championships, which are held twice a year in sold-out arenas, are the highest level of CS:GO competition. Teams go through a difficult qualification process to earn the chance to compete on a global scale and determine the world champion.

Both seasoned teams and Challenger tournament winners compete in the Masters. Teams that perform well in Masters tournaments increase their chances of being invited to a Masters Championship competition held in prominent venues.

Challenger gives prospective teams a chance to compete locally, gain ESL Pro Tour points, and pave the route for teams to enter a Masters tournament. With their participation in the ESL Pro Tour, aspiring teams can further cement their standing in CS:GO by using ESL Challenger as the premier venue to demonstrate that they are world-class teams.

So, in this ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2023 team presented, who do you think will be the winner? Follow us for more updates.

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