CS2 Stickers Overview

CS2 stikers overview

CS2 stickers, just like items, skins, and other personalized items in the game, have become one of the rewards any player wants to get while playing the game. These collectible items were introduced in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during the February 5, 2014 update and has become a staple must-have. Stickers are used for the pure aesthetic of the game, especially towards personalizing a player’s weapon in the game.

CS2 Stickers has been one key factor that makes the players enjoy the game as it would give them the satisfaction of expressing themselves by customizing their weapons which makes them stand out from other players throughout the game. The sticker in the inventory of a player can only be used once to any gun or gun skin owned.

It cannot be removed to transfer to another item, and when putting the sticker to a gun item the sticker will be removed from the inventory. And trading the weapon skin to another player will carry the Counter Strike stickers. However, there are some items, such as vanilla skins, which are not tradable, and the stickers are applied to them as well.

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With the different tournaments and events in the CS2 community, there would always be new stickers to be released which players and fans can get their hands on. However, having these stickers will come with a price as some are either pricey or cheap. With this, CS2’s new stickers as of to date are the PGL Stockholm CS2 Major player autograph stickers. These are stickers of the player’s Stockhold CS2 winner Na’Vi are being sold for $1 each.

And the stickers have two variant capsules available for purchase: The Champion Autograph capsule containing just the Na’Vi autographs and the Finalists Autograph capsule which contains the autographs of all players who reached the playoffs stage includes big names like Zyw0o, NiKo, dev1ce, and many more.

Here are the CS2 new stickers of every single PGL Copenghagen Major autograph sticker fans or players might want to have:

  • Natus Vincere – autograph sticker by player Na’Vi
  • G2 Esports – autographs of each player for the G2 Esports team
  • Team Spirit – autographs of each player for the Team Spirit and donk’s gold sticker
  • Heroic – autographs of each player for the Heroic team
  • FURIA – autographs of brazilian players from the FURIA team
  • Team Vitality – autographs of each player for Team Vitality

Take note: these stickers have their normal variant, Holo version, and its all-time Gold version.

Criteria of a Cheap CS2 Stickers

CS2 sticker quality will depend on various criteria. There will be a factor regarding its rarity is ranked in the following manner:

  • Blue – High Grade
  • Purple – Remarkable or Holo
  • Pink – Exotic or Foil, there is also a color under this rarity which is Gold is a Souvenir Foil
  • Red – Extraordinary or Gol0064
  • Gold – Contraband

Take note: Souvenir weapon skins have exclusive stickers which did not receive or were unable to get any other form.

Another criterion to consider to know cheap CS2 stickers is the variant. As it is well-known the normal variant of stickers is mostly the cheapest, some of them have a holo or foil version, which price differs from the normal one. Here are the sticker variants to know if the sticker one is getting can be considered as cheap CS2 stickers:

  • Standard glossy stickers – it is the standard shiny sticker with no backing.
  • Paper-backed glossy stickers – a standard shiny sticker with solid backing.
  • Color-replace pattern graphics or graffiti tags – a simple sticker with a mask texture pattern using up to four colors.
  • Holographic stickers (Holo rarity) – it is a standard paper-backed sticker with extra texture layers that gives a holographic effect.
  • Embossed foil or metal leaf stickers (foil rarity) – it is a standard sticker with an extra normal map to appear embossed and mimic a metallic appearance.
  • Gold stickers (A gold rarity) – a sticker that has a foil effect on a gold-colored sticker.

More About CS2 Stickers

There is a lot of market website where one can buy CS2 stickers. However, many of the players and fans of the game are reluctant to avail of the services of this called website as some may be a scam or fake website.

CS2 Stickers Market Website

Here are some CS2 stickers market websites that users may check out:

  • CSGORoll
  • SkinCashier
  • CSGOEmpire
  • DMarket
  • LootBear
  • BitSkins
  • CS.Trade
  • CSGO500
  • CS.Money
  • Steam Community Market

How To Get Stickers In CS2

A player or an avid fan sometimes does not know how to get stickers in CS2. Here are some ways to acquire the best CS2 stickers available in the market:

  • Trading in the Steam Market or with other players
  • Purchase stickers from the in-game store after getting a special coupon offer found in the player’s inventory
  • To open a Sticker Capsule, which will provide the following benefit:
    • There will be a community and regular sticker capsules drop during gameplay that will require a purchased or traded capsule key to open.
    • Souvenir sticker will only be found on Souvenir weapons as it is considered as special stickers.
    • Tournament sticker capsules will be purchased from the in-game store and will not require a capsule key to open.
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