Things You Should Know About CS2 Map Callouts

Counter-Strike 2 is a well-known esports online game which is a team-based game. In this game, a player cannot survive alone; unless a player plays with bots. However, playing with people online is another story, and active communication is the key to win the game. Communicating with your teammates to describe your location, position, report enemy movement, and thinking of the best tactics is the best way to win. With this, callouts for CS2 are excellent for players to communicate efficiently at lightning speed.

Learning CS2 callouts is a useful process like learning CS2 maps. Players who want to have good results in a game should invest in learning and remembering these terms.

CS2 Map Callouts are special terms or words which pertain to different places in virtual locations. A player who knows them will have the advantage of playing a game. Since callout for CS2 is an excellent way to communicate with teammates, mastering them will be a trump card a player can use against the enemy. And here some CS2 Map Callouts any player should start to learn and master.


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Cache Callouts

This CS2 map will give the player the atmosphere of the Nuclear Station Chernobyl. And it is an excellent place for a newbie CS2 player to practice shooting skills. And this map opens many possibilities for both opposing teams. It is also known as a bomb defussal map developed eight years ago. Cache has sunny weather, and the map has a very dull feeling to it as the area is created with a large assortment of grey buildings and bunkers. A player should learn the following useful Cache callouts.

  • Squeaky – a blue squeaky door of a room near A site.
  • A Default – an excellent place to plant a bomb and convenient for terrorists due to its various protection.
  • B Main Boxes – these boxes are where some counter-terrorists hide and are near B Main.
  • Headshot – a perfect area where a player can crouch to see only the opponent’s heads for a clear headshot.
  • B Default – a default planting area.

Dust 2 Callouts

Dust 2 is a legendary competitive map of CS2 and a favorite among CS2 players. And players of the original game Counter-Strike have enjoyed its first version called Dust. Its Bomb Defusal scene happened somewhere in the Middle East. Dust 2 is a map nicely balanced out. Here are some useful Dust 2 Callouts a player might need.

  • A Short – counter-terrorists spawn is near this area.
  • T Spawn – terrorists start the play by doing rounds.
  • Outside Tunnels – a place where terrorists pass to move to B site.
  • Close – a good place for counter-terrorists to wait for their victims.
  • Fence – Counter-terrorists stay invisible here for terrorists to enter from the tunnels.
  • Back Plat – a platform near B site and an excellent hide-out spot for both teams.
  • Scaffolding – consists of materials on CT mid and a good place to wait for protectors or attackers of B site.
  • A Ninja – a good hiding position on A platform.

Cobblestone Callouts

Cobblestone is a bomb defusal map which is set in France. And with such a setting, this map is expectedly beautiful. It is another map introduced in the original Counter-Strike. It has entered the Global Offense after significant improvements. Learning some of the following Cobblestone Callouts will help a player win a game for the team.

  • T Spawn – terrorists spawn in a distant part of Cobblestone.
  • A Site – an area to plant the bomb.
  • B Site – this area for bomb planting is distant from the spawn of both terrorists and counter-terrorists.
  • Fountain – a central part of B Site where terrorists can plant bombs around it.
  • Rock – it’s located opposite B Doors and has a nice view of the exit from Electric. Often, players use this rock to defend B Site.
  • Vent Room through this, players can go to Balcony or Connector.
  • Balcony – a good place for players to observe A Site.
  • Sky – this room connects Lower Tunnels and Drop. Players pass it on the way from the tunnels to Electric.
  • Cubby – the entrance from A Long to A Site and a good place where players can hide and wait for opponents.

Inferno Callouts

It is another beautiful location map in CS2 as it is set in Italy, and players may run through cozy rooms and narrow streets. It is called canonical if a player wants to improve their skills in CS2. Here are some useful Inferno callouts that are beneficial to any player.

  • B site – an area where terrorists can plant the bomb.
  • Banana – an area where many battles take place and the main may for terrorists to plant a bomb on B.
  • Underground – players can move underground here while crouching.
  • Bench – a corner that can give protection while moving towards A site and Top Mid.
  • CT Apartments, or Apartments – an area near A site, and many counter-terrorists ambush their opponents.
  • Pit – an area where counter-terrorists hide to meet their opponents going to A Site from CT Apartments.
  • Graveyard – located at the back of A site where players can hide and ambush opponents.

Mirage Callouts

It is a Morocco-like location and is the most popular in CS2 as it is the most picked location in the CS2 Major tournament. It is worth trying to try learning Mirage Callouts. And here are some map callouts to familiarize with.

  • Mid – a lot of battles happen here, and snipers of both teams often wait here for their victims.
  • Palace – an area where Terrorists slow down to check the place
  • Tetris – an area Terrorists can use as protection after entering A Site.
  • Firebox – a good place to hide behind boxes and helpful for Terrorists after planting the bomb and can be used for defense by counter-terrorists.
  • Ticket Booth – a nice place for snipers.
  • Trash – players can jump on it to hide from opponents.

Overpass Callouts

The Overpass is a CS2 map added in 2013. It is a unique location for it is interesting for its many tactical possibilities to provide for players. The bomb defusal scenario in this CS2 map takes place in a virtual Berlin. And both teams fight in a canal below it or a park. Players should learn some of these CS2 Overpass callouts beforehand.

  • Lower Tunnels – an area where players enter with a ladder.
  • Party – the location where there is a celebration happened before the Bomb Defusal scenario began.
  • Restroom – an alternative to A short.
  • Monster – a tunnel used by Terrorists to enter B site directly from their spawn area.
  • Pillar – place located in B site and can be used for protection.
  • Storage – a room behind the Bank.
  • Toxic Barrels – players can hide behind these barrels and will have a good view at opponents who enter B site from Sewers and Monster.

Train Callouts

Nuclear power is a popular topic in CS2, and Train map is all about it. In this map, Terrorists want to plant a bomb in Russia near some nuclear cargo. With this, counter-terrorists will try to stop them. It is one of the most advanced maps to master its gameplay and callouts. Learning some of the most useful Train callouts will help players gain an advantage in winning the game.

  • B Halls – a place where players gather to prepare for a sudden attack.
  • Spools – an excellent place where defenders can hide here.
  • Catwalk – a location where players can move through it while entering B site.
  • CT Spawn – can be used in Train callout for two doors which separate the room from the rest of the location.
  • Oil – a black railway tank on B site that is close to Headshot.
  • Headshot – an area where a player’s head can only be visible when crouching.

Nuke Callouts

Nuke is a bomb defussal site that existed in Counter-Strike series 1.6. It is set in the United States and offers a unique map because it has two levels or floors: upper and lower. Learning some of these common Nuke callouts will be advantageous to players using this ground in battle.

  • Heaven – an area accessible using a ladder near Lockers and give a good view of A Site.
  • Hell – the area is opposite to Heaven as it is under it.
  • Tetris – it has containers near Hut.
  • Window – a window in this area can be smashed.
  • Dark – a corner on B Site to hide and can be used to ambush those entering the area.
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