CSGO & CS2 Binds and Commands: A complete Guide

cs2 binds and commands

Counter-Strike 2 is one of the world’s top-rated esports shooter games. Valve Corporation launched the game in 2012. Since then, the game has risen in popularity, with hundreds of thousands of players from every part of the world playing it. Since the game attracts many players worldwide, it is unsurprising to see that there are many tournaments and competitions where the best players come to showcase their skills for a chance to win great cash rewards.

However, only the best players can make it to these tournaments and competitions. To reach the top and be recognized as a top player in CSGO, you have to master the art of playing the game. Reaching such heights requires players to always be at the top of their game. This is no mean feat, as their memory, attention to detail, accuracy, spatial orientation, and teamwork has to be top-notch. Besides all these, speed is another important quality a good CSGO player must have.

Speed matters so much in CSGO and can be the difference between a winner and a loser. Players must become experts at reacting quickly to different situations when they arise in the game. They must also be quicker than their opponents to have a chance at emerging victors. Being fast in CSGO is no mean feat but you can achieve it by using CSGO binds.

Read this article to find out more about CSGO key binds. You will also learn how to bind in CSGO. When you finish reading this article, you will have learned so much and be on your way to becoming a better CSGO player.


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What Do You Use CSGO Binds For?

During CSGO gameplay, you make use of your mouse and keyboard. Normally, it is convenient to use these tools. However, when you add bind commands, it becomes even more convenient. With binds, you can have every key you will need in CSGO. Binds also help you to perform an action with a key rather than using multiple keys.

In CSGO, keys are connected to some commands by default. However, and in most cases, players change these default settings. Changing these default settings to suit you is not straightforward, as you have to learn how to bind keys in CSGO. However, there is nothing to worry about as you will find out just how you can do that in this article.

How To Bind In CSGO

To bind in CSGO, you must use console commands. In CSGO, there is a developer console where players can input game commands. In the developer console, you can also modify several default settings and create your unique preferences. If you want to open the game’s developer console, you need to press the tilde (~) button. If pressing the tilde button doesn’t work, it means you need to turn on the developer console in your game settings. To do this, you should do the following:

  • Open Settings and click Game Settings
  • Enable Developer Console by choosing Yes beside it
  • Press the tilde button in the game once more

Once you complete this process, you have activated your game’s developer console. This means you can begin binding multiple keys to a command using CSGO key bands. To set a CSGO key bind, do the following:

  • bind [Bind Keys] [“Bind Command”], e.g., if you input the command line, bind g “use weapon_c4” it will plant the C4 bomb in your game character’s hand if you press key G.

This command: bind [Bind Key] [“Bind Command”] is the primary bind command and is the basis for all other CSGO bind commands. With the command, you can set up your custom CSGO binds easily.

launch settings

You must note that the command differs if you are using an Apple Macbook. If this is the case, your command should read thus: bind_osx [Bind Key] [“Bind Command”].

Below is a list of bind commands you can input using the primary bind command. Note that you should surround these bind commands with quotation marks (” “) and also put a semicolon between commands after binding some of them to a key.

  • +use: If there is a specific item you wish to use during gameplay, you use this bind to effect it. However, you must name the item, e.g., use weapon_knife.
  • -use: If you want to deactivate the +use command, use this bind.
  • slot0: With this command, you can direct your game character to take a weapon from slot 0. If you want to change the slot, you can change the number, e.g., slot1, slot2, slot3, etc.
  • invnext: With this command, you select the next weapon in your inventory.
  • invnextgrenade: It is a CSGO grenade bind that directs your game character to select the next grenade in your inventory. In the case that you want to take a specific grenade, then you have to use the command slot and add the grenade number.
  • invnextitem: When you use this bind command, your character takes the next item in your inventory, excluding weapons.
  • invnextnotgrenade: This command tells your character to take the next thing in the inventory, excluding a grenade.
  • invprev: It tells your character to take the previous weapon or item from the inventory.
  • +showscores: During gameplay, if you want the scoreboard to show on the screen, you can do so by using this command. To deactivate it, use -showscores.
  • +zoom: It is used to zoom into any weapon without a scope (AWP, Scout). Using -zoom deactivates the command.
  • callvote: It is a command used when you want to kick yourself or a teammate out of the game or to change the map. It activates voting between teammates.
  • +alt1: Activates the left Alt Key in the same way you hold it.
  • -alt2: Activates the right Alt key.
  • +attack: Activating this bind makes you shoot continuously at enemies. You can deactivate it with the -attack command.
  • +attack2: This command repeatedly activates your secondary attack, similar to what happens when you use your right mouse click. To cancel, use -attack2.
  • +back: When you use this, your player moves backward. If you want to cancel it, use -back.
  • +duck: Normally, holding the Ctrl button makes your player duck. However, you can achieve it with the click of a button by binding the +duck command to a key. To cancel it, use -duck.
  • +forward: If you want your player to move forward, use this command. To cancel, use -forward.
  • +jump: This sets your key for a single jump. You can redo the setting with -jump.
  • +movedown: If you are in the noclip mode and an observer and you want to move down, use the +movedown command to do so. To move in other directions, use these commands: +moveleft, +moveright, +moveup. If you wish to deactivate these commands, use the minus (-) sign. E.g, -moveleft, -moveright, etc.
  • +reload: This makes your character reload a weapon instantly. To deactivate, use -reload.
  • +right: This bind command makes your camera move to the right. Deactivate it by using -right.
  • +left: The command makes your camera to the left. Deactivate it with -left.
  • +graph: This command makes your game’s statistics appear on the screen. You can deactivate the command with -graph.
  • -speed: If you want to reduce your running speed while playing the game, use the command -speed. To return to the default running mode, use +speed.
  • +strafe: Activating this command makes your character move sideways. Using -strafe returns your character to the default way of looking around.
  • +voicerecord: This command helps allows you to talk to your teammates without holding the speaking key. Cancel it by using -voicerecord.
  • +jlook: if you are playing with a joystick and want to use it to look around, you can activate it by using +jlook.
  • autobuy: This command initiates autobuy. You might require the autobuy command if you searched for CSGO buy binds.

During Counter Strike gameplay, the following commands can be helpful, and you should pay attention to them:

  • Key_listboundkeys: This allows you to see the real list of all binds available in your CSGO settings.
  • unbindall: This command unbinds or cancels all the binds available in your CSGO settings. Therefore, if you activate it, you must make new settings for your binds and WASD keys.
  • unbind [Key]: This command is used to unbind a particular key.
  • key_findbinding [Bind Key]: Whenever you are unsure about the command bound to a specific key, you can find out the information with this command.

CSGO & CSGO Codes for Keys

To use Counter Strike 2 key binds easily, you have to get used to the codes for the keys you will use during gameplay. Some of these keycodes are obvious, while others may be tricky. Below is a list of keys and the codes they represent in CSGO.

  • Space Bar – space
  • ;/: – semicolon
  • Backspace – backspace
  • Tab – tab
  • Caps Lock – capslock
  • Enter – enter
  • Shift Left – shift
  • Shift Right – rshift
  • Control Left – ctrl
  • Control Right – rctrl
  • Alt Left – alt
  • Alt Right – ralt
  • Left Mouse – mouse1
  • Right Mouse – mouse2
  • Middle Mouse – mouse3
  • Side Mouse 1 – mouse4
  • Side Mouse 2 – mouse5
  • Mouse Wheel Down – mwheeldown
  • Mouse Wheel Up – mwheelup
  • F1-F12 – f1-f12
  • Insert – ins
  • Delete – del
  • Home – home
  • Page Up – pgup
  • End – end
  • Page Down – pgdn
  • Up Arrow – uparrow
  • Left Arrow – leftarrow
  • Down Arrow – downarrow
  • Right Arrow – rightarrow

If you want to use the keys on the right side of your keyboard, i.e., the side with numbers, you can use the same commands, but you need to add kp_ to the beginning of the command. Here are some examples:

  • kp_end
  • kp_del
  • kp_multiply
  • kp_slash

At this point, you should already know how to create and customize your preferred CSGO binds. A quick recap of the simple process. You only need to choose a preferred command, the key you want to bind the command to, and then insert both of them into the command formula, [Bind Key] [“Bind Command”]. Here are a few examples:

  • bind p “sv_cheats 1; noclip”: With this command, you will successfully bind noclip CSGO and enable cheats.
  • bind j “sv_cheats 1; toggle r_drawothermodels 1 2”: This is also called the CSGO wallhack command. It allows cheats and makes in-game characters visible through the walls.
  • bind b “use weapon_c4; drop” – Activating this command enables your character to drop a C4 bomb.

The commands below are known as CSGO nade binds. They stretch the crosshair size whenever you use grenades.

  • bind 1 “slot1 ; cl_crosshairsize 3”
  • bind 2 “slot2 ; cl_crosshairsize 3”
  • bind 3 “slot3 ; cl_crosshairsize 3”
  • bind 4 “slot8 ; cl_crosshairsize 1000”
  • bind q “use weapon_knife; slot1”: This CSGO quick switch bind makes your character use the knife quickly before returning to the primary weapon. It is useful for snipers because it saves them the time of unzooming the scope.
  • bind mwheelup “+jump” or bind mwheeldown “+jump”: These commands are used to bind mousewheel jump. The standard space jumping is bind space “+jump”
  • bindtoggle k “voice_enable”: Used for muting all voices.
  • bind l “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”: Enables switching of hands during gameplay.
  • bind m “r_cleardecals”: Used to clear decals CSGO.
  • bind f2 “toggle crosshair 0 1”: Turns the crosshair bind on or off.
  • bind o “incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0 1 0.25”: Used to change your radar’s size.

The next set of commands can be useful when playing CSGO but you must input them in the config file.

  • alias +netg “net_graph 1; +showscores”
  • alias -netg “net_graph 0; -showscores”
  • bind TAB “+netg”: This shows some important information on the screen. This information displayed can be statistics, your ping, and FPS.
  • alias +incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+speed”;
  • alias -incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-speed”;
  • bind SHIFT +incvol: A set of commands used to increase the in-game volume while you are walking. It helps you to hear your opponents better.
  • alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump; -attack”
  • alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”
  • bind alt “+jumpthrow”: A special CSGO jump throw bind.


So far, you have learned how to bind commands in CSGO. Hence, you should now be able to create and customize your unique set of binds and make your game faster and more enjoyable. With more practice, you will have much more binds and become better at playing CSGO. Who knows, you may just be on your way to challenging the top players in the world.

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